Custom embroidered hats are a great business investment for promotional marketing because they can be used as uniform attire by your employees and as promotional gifts for customers while making a great fashion statement. Custom Embroidered promotional baseball hats are popularly used for promotion by businesses of all types and sizes.

There are a number of different hat styles onto which you can have your logo embroidered. Just choose the right style for your business in accordance with your brand message and as per the taste of your customers. The good news is there is a style that fits just about all of those situations. The baseball style hat dates back to almost a century and till date remains the most popular. It is a wonderful palette to embroider your logo and promote your brand. There are a number of baseball style caps that are worth considering for your embroidered logo.

  • Constructed Caps – Constructed caps are the ones that have a piece of material called “buckram” in the crown that helps hold its shape. Constructed caps are very popular for athletic teams and uniforming for companies.

  • Unconstructed Caps – The unconstructed caps do not have this feature and this is the reason why they are also known as “floppy caps.” The crown lies more flat against the forehead. These caps are the most popular amongst people.

  • Six Panel Caps – Six Panel Caps are the most popular “baseball caps”. They are made from 6 cloth triangles that extend from the top of your head umbrella style. Custom embroidered logos, images and/or names look great in front and read well.

  • Flat Bill Hat – In the recent past, the Flat Bill Hat has gained more popularity due to its constructed baseball cap style. This cap is mostly worn by young people looking for something different. This cap reflects the style and attitude of the wearer. It is the large flat bill on the cap that gives it a very distinct shape.     

  • Trucker Hat – Trucker hat is one style that has made a comeback in the recent past. Mesh back caps come in mostly constructed styles but unstructured styles are available and popular as well. The defining characteristic of the mesh back cap is the back 4 panels that are made of a mesh material which allows air flow to the head, keeping the wearer cooler in warm temperatures.    

  • Distressed Hat – Another new style that has gained popularity in the past few years is the distressed cap. These are mostly unconstructed and have gained popularity due to its vintage look.

Most baseball style caps are “one size fits all” and feature some kind of adjustable closure on the back that can be made to fit most heads. To get custom embroidered promotional baseball hats for your business at a reasonable price, get in touch with StitchyLizard today!