Looking for a unique way to add details to your next hoodie? Why not try something different than the usual styles of customization? What about adding the school, team, club or brand name down the sleeve? The custom hoodie sleeve print allows you to add an extra level of personalization, boost the reputation of your team, enhance the morale & motivation, and at the same time, create brand recognition for your team/club/brand.

Whether you want to highlight your school, team, class, club or company; Stitchy Lizard can help you design the right look in just moments. Always keep these tips in mind:

1.  Target Audience - Before hiring a professional designer to build a unique design, you need to know about your targeted audience. What are the likes and dislikes of your targeted customer? Does your team comprise of youngsters, kids, mid age group people or senior citizens? Are you getting them designed for the particular event or so? Answers to the aforementioned questions will lay the foundation of all your future design works.

2.  Styles for sleeve printing - There are four styles available when it comes to custom hoodie sleeve print, namely stacked, standard, sentenced up and sentenced down. All the designs look perfect in their own self and you can rest be assured and confident that Stitchy Lizard will turn your design into a perfect print. The standard printing style is the most popular and widely used by businesses when it comes to sleeve customization.

3.  Design Type & Color Model - What type of design you’re thinking to create - only text, only image or a hybrid one? For only text based design, typography is used. Proper fonts and size should be taken care of. Different color combinations play a major role in the design work. You can use the colors as per the logo and make sure they are bright and attractive. They give an all new look to your customized hoodie.

4.  Printing Option - Well, there are available many options, yet screen printing and heat transfer decoration options are the most preferred ones.

   1. Screen Printing - It is the most popular decorating method for hoodies. In screen-printing, a design is separated into individual colors. Inks are applied to the shirt through mesh screens which limits the areas where ink is deposited.

   2. Heat Transfer - Another form of decorating the hoodie sleeve is heat transfer. It is done in a multitude of colors, patterns, and styles. A plotter cut vinyl that can be heat pressed onto the garment is used for printing.

Another option used is embroidery - the most common form of elegantly and stylishly decorating and personalizing any promotional product.

We, at Stitchy Lizard, use embroidery, screen printing and heat transfers to provide you with the best quality custom hoodies. Based in Toronto, Ontario, we have been in the customization business since past 15 years. Contact us today to request a quote.