The present competitive business environment in which sellers are usually found vying for the potential customer’s attention, it is highly important to choose the kind of promotional products which have a high perceived value for the tradeshow attendees. Business owners have to draw attention toward their booth and this can only be done by carefully choosing giveaways that are creative yet useful for the recipients.

While selecting giveaways, the company also has to put into consideration that the product is under their budget and yet prove valuable to the potentials. The category that is most budget-friendly often includes office based stationary and supplies. Stationary is something which appeals to almost everybody regardless of you having to think too much about your target audience.

Personalized pen, flags, sticky notes, and the like are the kind of last minute things we all need to jot stuff down when we are in a hurry. When these are made available in a wide array of styles and personalized aesthetic, people are likely going to get attracted towards them.

You can retain your prospect’s attention and enhance your brand’s visibility by using the marketing tools that are not only useful but are also rich with aesthetic so that it stands out from the rest. Following are some of the inexpensive stationary products that also offer sufficient utility for users;

Promotional Pens

Pens are something that will never go out of style. They are cost-effective, offer high utility and can be used to enhance instant brand awareness among people. Smart marketers prefer to have branded pens in stock. When they keep these pens in their pockets, use them to quickly jot things down or even pass on to somebody who needs it, they are selling the logo and name of their business all along.

Sticky Book

Sticky book is a promotional gift that you can offer to almost all people. We all need last minute jotting down many times a day, regardless if we are students, corporate workers or even housewives needing reminders to do things throughout the day. These self-adhesive, neon colored sticky markers are perfect as trendy stick on strips. A sticky book is a kind of organizer that doesn’t let your small notepads go out of sight if arranged well.

Jotter Pads

Small jotter pads are another type of reminder keeping notepads but these are mostly used if you want to keep all the small details you have noted inside your pocket and not as a post it. These can also come in handy as they are portable and can be carried anywhere with you.

Business Card Holders

If business cards are still as much in use then why have business card holders gone out of style? A card holder has enough space to carry your logo and endorse your brand for as long as the recipients use it. It is something that individuals can keep with them for years as it is highly reliable and so you can expect your business to be marketed for a very long time as well.