Event Marketing

Whether you are a large enterprise, a small business or a non-profit organization, when it comes to holding an event, you have to go out of your comfort zone to market it. It has to be a blast—make people feel that "something big is going to happen." How do you make them feel the sensation of something big coming up? You promote, promote and promote. Here are the top 5 ways to promote an event and increase its attendance.

  • 5. Appear on the Discovery Sites

Today, you have websites that help you with visibility either as a startup or for your event. There are websites like Spotify, Eventful, etc. that let you list your event for people to discover it. They have millions of people visit them every month, and the visibility you gain through them cannot be gained through individual efforts. You can even use event promotion software solutions to appear on these websites with great ease.

  • 4. Use Social Media

Businesses have realized the value of social media marketing in the recent years. Social networking platforms are great places to get the attention of millions of people. To promote the right way on social media, you have to pick the social networking platform that best serves your target audience. Secondly, you have to be creative with your promotions. Reward people in some way to be a part of your event.

  • 3. Go with Email Blasting

Email marketing is a great way not only to invite people to your event but also do a follow-up after the event. Keep in mind that people who have subscribed to receive your emails already know about you and probably have interest in what you do. Keep your emails personalized to make them feel special. Use email marketing software to target the most potential attendees and manage your contacts most efficiently.

  • 2. Take Advantage of Conventional Marketing

Yes, this is the era of digital marketing, but it does not mean that conventional marketing has become completely irrelevant and ineffective. You can still use material marketing to let people know about your event. From window vinyl to billboards and banners, you have dozens of different options to choose from for conventional marketing.

  • 1. Be Creative with Promotional Items

It won’t be wrong to say that marketing with promotional items has become one of the most popular and effective ways of advertising your upcoming event. Promotional items can be of many different types, and you can have them printed with your logo, contact number, address or any other piece of content you find suitable. These items can be pencils, cups, cup holders, USB sticks, t-shirts, cleaning cloths, etc. and anything that a mind can imagine. You just have to pick the item that best fits the nature of your business. Be sure to pick your material provider carefully based on their experience, pricing, printing quality, etc.

One of the advantages of promoting with promotional items is that your attendees take those items home with them. This item continues to remind them of the event and your brand—the best type of branding you can do.