Over the past few years, utilizing almost every daily use item as a promo product has been made possible, but the new era calls for a newer strategy to use products for promotions. Changes in fashion trends (such as tote bags coming in fashion) and awareness of health and fitness (demand for sports-wear, drinkware and yoga pants) should be kept in mind while designing a product.

Promotional Items

What remains still is the choice of the product you intend to use for promotion, which is also highly dependent on the niche of your business and the strata of your potential customers. The top promotional items that have been used over the years and remain to be widely used are:

Apparel (T-Shirts, Outerwear, Hats, Sports-Wear, Etc.)

Apparel is downright one of the most appealing ways to get into the daily lives of the public. Most importantly, a tee says it all. But if you go for the specific tradition of your potential audience, make sure to minimize the logo and maximize the aesthetic and design of the apparel.


Food speaks to almost everyone. A voucher enabling a dine-out or a packed food product is an amazing way to the instant gratification of the potential customer along with instant brand awareness of your business.

Pens And Other Writing/ Stationary Instruments

Pens are the oldest way to get into daily use product branding. Other trendy stationary these days such as a stylus shaped pen or any other cute little cartoonish character on the top can be very interesting for the customers.

Water Bottles

Water bottles and other drinkware including coffee and travel mugs are some great options.


Calendars are also as old as pens in the branding community, and they have nonetheless proved to be very useful.

Tote Bags/ Reusable Shopping Bags

Totes and reusable bags are another new things coming straight from the fashion industry. Totes have as many uses as the individuals using them, and they are instantly very eco-friendly too. Using tote bags in the gym, school, college, university, shopping malls, and as beach bags are just some of the many uses.

To Use Or Not To Use The Logo…

Not only the trend shift has taken place with the choice of products, but it has also taken a shift in the field of what to print.

Previously, the companies used their logo on virtually every product they were using for promotion. But a subtle change in the trend can prove to be more fruitful now. These days, using celebrities and charities and loyal customers as the center of your attention is more effective. Printing a customized name for the product wearer/user is the new way of appealing to them.