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Custom made Tees have been used for potential marketing and reach to the audience for over a decade now. The trend spiked when famous companies like Pepsi started realizing the powerful impact it had on their target audience. It created great hype when they were set up for grabs for the common public because they provided a common association with as well as the endorsement of the brand. Tees, when offering excellent design and quality, can be an excellent showcase for your brand’s visions and mission. Also, a well-designed tee is likely to stay longer in the wardrobes of the wearers. With frequently changing trends, there might be novel ways to advertise, but the many benefits of using a tee as a promotional product make it an unparalleled choice for most marketers. The innovation and creativity though can be used in designing it aesthetically so that it appeals a broader audience and attracts more people to your business.

Customized tees have many benefits. It is a perfect blend of traditional and modern usage. Some of the prominent benefits of customized tees are:

Maximum Exposure

Although there are other items as well that you can use as promotional products such as mugs, pens, bags, etc., they don't have as striking of an impact as T-shirts do. Anything in the form of apparel is an instant eye catcher for everyone because it is something that can be used all the time whether at home or out.A casual cotton tee can be used anywhere, at any premises, except for corporate settings or specific events.

Alongside, a tee has sufficient space to showcase not only a great design but also incorporate the company’s logo and a tagline to catch the attention of the passer-by.


The wholesale process reduces the cost of each custom made a tee to very low. It becomes very affordable, and the bulk ordering might even multiply some numbers. Screen printing remains to be an affordable procedure for the printing of logo and the large area on the shirt provides plenty of flexibility for the pricing options.


Other products such as pens, highlighters, dry out; notebooks, diaries and notepads end, and still others such as mugs and glassware are prone to breakage. Apparel is something that lasts longer and comes more in use. Therefore, it is reliable as well as durable. It is a marketing tool that can keep benefitting you for years after having invested only once so you can yield the fruits of such a marketing strategy for let’s say, five years from now.


With the many uses including those being worn at lunch, for leisure, to go to bed, chilling in the lounge or to casually hang out with a bunch of pals, tees have many uses. And almost anyone could use a T-shirt because of their unisex nature. Moreover, people rarely turn down a free product and they even use it for some time as long as the scent of newness remains, therefore, some practicality is bound to pay you back.

Of course, there are hundreds of other items that companies use today for brand promotion, but they aren’t as useful as t-shirts. Think about it; your brand’s logo can’t be as big on a mug as it is on a t-shirt. Even a USB with your logo rests in a person’s pocket, and so no one ever gets to see it. The only thing you have to pay attention to while ordering t-shirts for promotion is the cost and quality of printing and the shirt’s fabric.  

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