Instagram is the most popular app among Millennials and Generation Z. If that is your brand’s target audience, you will want to continue reading this!


Instagram is by far one of the top 3 most popular social media networks, and day by day, it continues to grow in popularity. Not long ago, the company introduced Instagram Stories, which is an awesome way for companies to engage with users. Instagram Stories live on your brand’s profile for 24 hours but you have the option to make them into a permanent highlight after the first 24 hours of existing. This means that if users don’t get to see your Story during its first 24 hours of existing, they can see it at another time if they go in your profile. 


How you use your Instagram Stories will help users see why your brand is so unique. Here are some tips to display your brand on Stories so that you clearly stand out from similar products or services. 


Post Stories At An Optimal Time

The purpose of posting to your Stories is so that users can see the posts. Make sure that you are posting at a decent time so you can get as many views as possible. More views equals higher possibilities for sales!


Stay In Line With Your Image 

Your brand’s Instagram Stories should match your brand’s design style. This is so that your brand shows cohesion along all media. 


Use Engaging Content

Instagram Stories now feature ‘questions’, ‘polls’ and ‘quizzes’ to increase audience engagement. Use them in your favour! Users love to be asked to participate, and these features are a subtle way to ask them to join the conversation. 


Post Videos

Another cool way to engage with users through Instagram Stories is by posting videos. It is known that users relate more to a human face than to cartoons. Use this opportunity to show a face that users can connect to. 


And there you have it! 4 easy tips to help you display your brand on Instagram Stories in order to get you higher engagement.