1.     As a matter of fact, a bone was used to make the first mug. In ancient times (well, in Neolithic Stone Age), human beings did not know the things they could utilize in making mugs. Or, somewhat, they had limited alternatives. This is why the only logical thing to do was using bone.
  2.     In as much as you can utilize your coffee mug for tea, you should be aware that a standard mug for coffee often holds about 12 ounces of fluid. So mostly, you would be simultaneously having two teacups. Hey, we have no criticisms!
  3.     Has it ever crossed your mind why those unfavorable pictures of celebrities are called “mugshots”? Well, the buck stops at how our heads are shaped. The name “mug” used to imply “face” (and sometimes it still does). But it is also important to note that it additionally used to suggest “a small picture of someone’s head.” If you have not been keen, our heads have a shape like vessels. Therefore, creating drinking vessels from the inspiration of our heads makes sense.
  4.     Presently, ceramic mugs are often used to drink hot teas and chocolates— the hotter, the better. However, in the ancient days, or roughly around 2,000 BCE, metal mugs that were made using gold, silver, and bronze were used by many people.
  5.     Around 10,000 BCE, our first pottery mugs were made in Japan and China.
  6.     There are even mugs made of clay. The Greeks know this- since they made these mugs around 4,000-5,000 BCE. Nonetheless, this venture would not presently succeed because their thickness made fitting them in the mouth a challenge. Just fancy taking any hot thing from the mugs!
  7.     Any mug can be considered a coffee mug. But generally, these kinds of cups are those that are big just like our heads and can even be used in serving soup. Only joking — you can find those kinds of mugs in the present coffee shops. Coffee mugs are often just big and suitable for any kind of hot drink.
  8.     On that point, were you aware that coffee mugs have insulation? Yes, we are aware! Fascinating, right?  They are often thick-walled to prevent the drink from too quickly becoming cold.
  9.     Various materials can be used to make mugs, but they are usually made from porcelain, wood, and glass. Nonetheless, there are also paper and plastic mugs in existence; admittingly, we would even call them cups.
  10. Indeed, the reason why we drink hot beverages from mugs is to protect ourselves from burning our fingers. Consequently, mugs have handles that permit us to drink with no burns safely.
  11. The 1980s saw the advent of the travel mugs. Before then, each individual had to take their tea or coffee before any activity, contrary to multitasking daily.
  12. People equally understood the essence of preventing their drinks from cooling in the 1980s. Therefore, the first travel mugs had the capability of keeping beverages hot for roughly 24 hours.
  13. We are aware that wood too was used to make mugs, but we can’t be sure about the shapes of these mugs. They were just not long-lasting for them to be studied.
  14. Busy professionals go for Mug cakes and mug brownies desserts. A mug can be used to make all these, then baking in a microwave follows. Nonetheless, because they are a simple solution that is easy to make, they can lead to weight gain in the shortest time. Believe us, we are aware.
  15. Mugs also make vast annals. If you locally chose to purchase just one relic, try to buy a cup. They are very lasting, and you will have it for a protracted period, which implies that you can often look at them with admiration and reminisce on your journeys.