In our previous blogs we have covered the best Superbowl commercials and the best jingles of all time, according to us here at Stitchy Lizard. To expand on this series, we have decided to ask our employees about their favorite slogans and write it down in this blog. Overall, these slogans are all catchy and unforgettable. Their messages are successfully conveyed in short sentences that are powerful and move masses.


There is no magic to creating a great slogan, and that’s evident when comparing the slogans in this list side by side: their message and lengths are very different. It’s their quality and how they make one feel that makes them stand out for us. They make us feel inspired and encourage us to think out of the box. All in all, they make us experience positive emotions and they tend to never mention their brand’s name in them. They subliminally convey their message, making the audience relate this powerful feel-good message with the brand. Brilliant!

“Belong Anywhere”

This slogan pertains to none other than the innovative company Airbnb! This website has changed the game for travelers and renters. In 2008, people around the world began to rent homes instead of hotels through this platform; and renters began getting more opportunities to host their home to people from all around the world. After Airbnb’s mission was re-conceptualized over the next 6 years, the company asked their users to explain what Airbnb was to them. This great slogan was, then, a collective contribution of Airbnb’s users who felt that the company allowed them to feel like they belonged anywhere. This was a message that reverberated with masses and masses, making it a hit.   

“Sling TV A La Carte TV”

This was the choice of one of our team members. Most of us at Stitchy Lizard didn’t even know about this slogan but we have decided to list it because after it was brought up by the team member, we did our research and found the message effective. The slogan was coined by Sling TV and it’s a great example of how to can use a fun word-play of your brand’s name. Sling TV was basically a company that wasn’t tied to any cable agreements. Their slogan was a genius way to communicate the independence that this service brought to their users by not binding them with a contract.

"Your Brand, Everywhere"

Okay, this might sound like shameless self-promotion, but we at Stitchy Lizard are proud of our slogan and a few of our employees actually said this one was their favorite slogan. So here we go. This message is short and clear, conveying that you can put your message on basically anything. We have a wide selection of products to choose from, check them out here.

"Impossible is Nothing"

This is a fan favorite here at Stitchy Lizard, as 3 of our employees mentioned this one. Adidas was trying to convey inspiration to athletes all around the world. It continues being a classic and sports stars continue to stand behind the brand. The slogan is a depiction of encouragement to follow ones dream, even if they sound unachievable.

There you go, great slogans picked by us at Stitchy Lizard. Let us know yours!