You will probably use a portable charger at some point of your life if you’re living in this digital Era. You might even find yourself using portable chargers as recurrent as everyday. Perhaps you have even used one for keeping your laptop fully charged during an out-of-office presentation. Whatever the situation, I’m sure we all have used portable chargers as an emergency backup, which is why they are wonderful promo items for your company. Here at Stitchy Lizard, we are fans of this convenient piece of tech. Finding good and durable ones is not an easy mission, but it’s not impossible.
When picking the right portable charger for your business’ promotional needs, think versatility and size. These are two important characteristics that your charger should have, as your customers will most likely take it with them to various places. We have narrowed down a list of good options for portable chargers for you.


Multiple Plug Charger

As the name might have given away, this charger has multiple plug ins. People who enjoy adaptability will absolutely love this product, as you can charge different devices with it: from your phone, to your tablet, to your laptop, to your iPod (if you still have those!), to many other ones… Most mainstream brands are compatible with this versatile gadget, so it’s safe to say that it will never disappoint.

Car Charger

A car charger will never let your phone run out of power during traffic. With this type of portable charger, believe me, you will be relieved to know that Google Maps won’t die on you! You can plug this charger in the smoke lighters or USB ports in some cases, making it convenient and easy to have your charger charged (!) during road trips.

Power Adapter

This type of portable charger needs to be plugged into a wall outlet. If you are staying indoors, chances are you will come face to face with one of these outlets. Most tech companies love giving away power adapters as promo items for their brand. You can use the power adapter by plugging it into the wall or, like the car charger, to a USB port.

Power Bank

If you own a power bank, it’s going to be real hard to make an excuse for not answering your phone. This device gives the power for you to charge your smartphone so that you will never miss those important memes from your favourite Instagram account, @stitchylizard ?. The most powerful power bank, which you can charge using a USB port, will have a battery capacity of a little over 2000 milliamp hours (mAh), so they are pretty good. To give you an idea, you can fully charge your smartphone AND won’t run the risk of overcharging it, as it will let you know when your phone’s completely charged with a red/green light.

Electronic devices are a vital part of our life and it seems impossible to go on days without them. Knowing the importance of them should be an indication that your customers will always need the batteries of their devices charged, so any of these promo products would be of great value to them. And you know what they say: happy customer, happy business.