Did you know that health and the environment go hand in hand? For instance, if the environment is polluted, our health would be 100% be at risk; if our surroundings are clean and green, our health will too.


Technically, a healthy environment will make us live longer. Helping the environment thrive will in return make us all thrive, so we should perfectly be able to support the environment we live in with little things like using recyclable products. If you’re wondering how using recyclable water bottles will keep our planet and ourselves healthier, read on.

Using a disposable bottle to store water is a practice that is very convenient for many of us who are out of our homes during the day. Here at Stitchy Lizard, most if not all of our employees keep water bottles on their desks. The problem with disposable water bottles is that over 1000 bottles are used every second. So do the math please, that’s over 86 million bottles a day!! So while these convenient water bottles can seem like an effortless solution to store water, they make the landfill be full of harmful chemicals that contribute nothing towards the ecosystem’s well-being.

This is why using recyclable water bottles should become the go-to water bottles for our and the future generations: they are biodegradable and won’t fill our landfill with dangerous chemicals. They come in various designs and colors, making them a fashionable part of your outfit. You know, you can think of it as another purse.

Disposable water bottles are truly a threat to Earth and everything on it, and if there’s a better alternative to it, it is a good idea to look into it. You’re not going to keep your recyclable water bottles for the rest of your existence, as they tend to become dirty and change in color over the years, but at least they are biodegradable and you won’t dispose of them in one week. Here’s a list of some of the water bottles that would be friendly for our planet.



I am placing glass first not just because it’s a painless material to recycle but also because it’s so easy to clean. Glass will typically not stain as easy as the other materials in this list. So shout out to glass, you rock! Once you throw it into the recycling bin, it’s broken into tiny pieces and are reused to create new glass objects. Amazing, right?

Aluminum & Stainless Steel

These are two metals which can be totally recycled.


Plastic is recyclable but it has chemicals that can be harmful to the planet. So we are suggesting this one as the last eco-friendly water bottle because depending on the type of chemicals in them, they are or aren’t eco-friendly. High-density polyethylene and polypropylene are good towards our ecosystem, so make sure to know what your plastic bottles are made from. If the plastic bottle has parts made of different materials, such as rubber, those will have to be recycled in a different way.

By helping the planet be healthier, we are helping ourselves and everything that lives around us. Using recyclable water bottles is a small steps towards a better planet. If your company decides on giving out water bottles, this is the smart option, and we are sure that your customers will appreciate your initiative and will trust your brand.