A good tactic to increase the productivity of students is giving them a little motivation such as a product that they can look forward to using everyday. We are definitely not talking about pens, bags, and other usual promo products. While these are very important items to take to school, they are not deemed exciting or “cool” enough for kids and teens of today. 


So, what are some products that will excite the kids these days? We have the answers you need, keep reading!


Non-prescription Retro-style Frames 

Eyeglasses are not considered nerd-y anymore. In fact, they seem to be a product that will never go out of style. Glasses were “in” during the 70’s, and they are still “in” today. Non-prescription retro-style frames, however, are one of the most popular items high-schoolers are wearing these days. Because they are non-prescription, everyone can use them without compromising their vision. 


Silicone Reusable Straws

You know what else is in? Being eco-conscious. Fortunately, kids are all about that these days. Give them an item that they will love and that, at the same time, is helping the planet. Stitchy Lizard carries Reusable Silicone Straws in a variety of colours to suit everyone’s personality, and they come in two styles: straight and bent each with a pipe cleaner. 


Stress Relievers

School can sometimes be stressful, especially during exam week, when students’ think that their futures depend on their grades. It can also be highly stressful when a big project is due or they have to obligatory participate in Theatre Club. A Stress Reliever might just be a cool way to ease the stress levels, especially when the shape of the stress reliever is a cow (check it out here: https://stitchylizard.com/sb525-cow-stress-reliever.html) or a pencil (https://stitchylizard.com/sb658-pencil-stress-reliever.html). At Stitchy, we can even add your school’s logo to it! 



It’s widely known that headphones are a teen’s BFF. The reason for it is pretty simple: listening to music can have a relaxing effect on your mind. It’s powerful the things that music can do. It has been clinically proven that upbeat music, for instance, can make you feel more optimistic about life. Imagine, then, the tremendous relaxing effects that a pair of headphones can have on students’ minds? 



Patches are very cool and kids know it. Hand out patches with the school’s emblem to your students so that they can stick it to their bags/shirts/hats and feel identified. This is a great way to make them feel proud of their school as well as providing brand awareness to your school. 


We hope that this list helped you figure out the best back to school products to hand out to your students as a welcome gift. You would be surprised to learn the impact that any of these items can have on your students in terms of productivity.