Employees are the heart of every business. The business’ performance depends on the employees’ performances. It’s like that saying goes “Happy wife, happy life” but, instead, let’s use “Happy employees, happy business”. 


One way to keep your employees happy is by promoting an active lifestyle in the office. Here are 10 branded promo products that you can find at Stitchy Lizard to give your employees a little push to keep them active and happy.


Soccer Drawstring Backpack 


This unique alternative to the basic cinch up backpack is also a way to clearly display your brand and provide your employees with a product with which to carry their gym clothes. If the soccer design is not for your brand, there are other models to choose from! 


Five Panel Baseball Hat

This hat is perfect for hot Summer days or for days you want to break a sweat playing baseball, as it has good ventilation. You can find other cap styles if a flat hat is too specific.


Sleeveless Tank Top 


A gym outfit is never complete without a sleeveless tank top, are we right? A tank top is great at giving your brand exposure, as you have a lot of room/fabric to work with. Display your logo as big or as small as you wish.


Bottle & Golf Set Bundle


Two birds, one stone! Even if you’re not a professional golfer, you will enjoy using these great tools out on the green. These bottles are molded in the USA using imported materials. They are BPA free and FDA approved. 


Tennis Balls


If you are looking to gift your employees with a product that they can all share, why not give them branded tennis balls? The best part is that they are pet friendly, as we use non-toxic ink to imprint on them. 


Pedometer Wrist Watch


Tracking steps, calories, and distance can serve as a reminder to keep active. It’s a great tool to help your employees monitor their progress for a healthier and more active lifestyle.




We have never heard of someone who could finish an exercise routine without water, have you? Because of water’s importance in a workout routine, custom printed thermos are a great promo product to give to an active team. We have a variety of BPA free and FDA compliant stainless steel bottles in different sizes. 


Custom Shape Medals


Commemorate a fitness challenge win with custom shape medals. This can serve as an incentive to participate in your office’s fitness championships. These medals come in the following finishes: Antique Brass, Antique Silver, Antique Copper, Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver, Shiny Copper, Black Plated. There is no better way to celebrate a fitness victory than with a medal to commemorate the win.