The main function of a web page is to be an online first impression of your brand. In a world where your industry has a lot of competition and similar products/services exist, you need to let users know what makes you unique. Your website and the language you choose to use in it will help transmit the message to users. 


Language, particularly, is what ultimately will help you build a lasting relationship with your users, and how you display this message is something you will need to deeply consider, as it will set you up for success or failure. Here are some ideas of how you can portray your message. 



Videos help humanize your brand, especially when there is a face to relate the brand to. By showing a team member talking about your brand, users will feel more identified with it. This can result in more conversions. 

Research shows that videos alone can increase purchases by over 140% Wild, right? So next time you are creating your marketing budget, make sure to allocate some marketing dollars for video!



Blog posts are a great area to showcase opinion pieces. It is a wonderful medium to be as detailed and extensive on a topic as you wish. It is known that over 40% of B2B marketers consider that blogging is the most essential kind content, precisely because of the power it has on users. 


Home Page

The homepage of your website is easily going to be the most viewed page. This is why, you should make it your mission to make the description of your product or service as clear as possible. Making known to users that you are available for any inquiries or questions will go a long way. 


About Us Page 

The last but not least way to set your brand apart from the rest is by adding an “About Us” page where you showcase each of your team members. This page is an opportunity to let users sympathize with the people behind your brand and, ultimately, feel connected to real humans.


These are just 4 of the many ways in which you can establish connections with online visitors. Once you have been successful at making relatable content for users, you need to keep consistent with your language and message. After all, that’s why they loved your brand in the first place. Build on the relationship that you have established by providing valuable content every few months and we guarantee you that they will keep coming back!