You want to make sure that you have enough items to give away when it comes to promotional products. For this purpose, we have a guide for you that will help you out to order the right amount of items for your next coming order. The lesson includes some helping logistics, a touch of maths and some common sense. By the time you are done, you will have developed a good and sound understanding of how many promotional products you should order for your event or business.

You might have a clue or two that how much exactly of something you need or want (exactly $100 worth of groceries to last a week). Sometimes, it is not very easy to determine exactly how much you need when it comes to promotional products.

Let’s take a look at the options!

By the Numbers

It is helpful to take into account the past events when you are running an event and need products that are customized. You need to think to yourself that did you organize some similar event last year? Do check any data that you have collected like the registration rosters, participation reports, sign-in lists etc so that you can predict the potential turnout for current year. A good first step is acquiring a general attendance number so that you can figure out quantity of marketing pieces or giveaways to order.
You probably have an ounce of a rough idea how many people will appear at your event when it comes to ordering apparel. Similarly to non-profit 5k fundraiser or an invite-only golf tournament. In such cases, the importance of “what size” is equal to “how may”. This helpful group buying guide is at your service to figure out how many of each size to order if you do not already know preferred size of everyone beforehand.
Your HR personnel or office manager will probably have a good idea about the exact quantity to order for your business if you want to get stock for your supply closet or get personalized portfolios for your sales.

What kind of Event Are You Attending?

Taking into account your marketing schedule is really helpful. You should consider ordering all of your marketing materials beforehand if you are presenting at many different trade shows all the year round. Promotional items like imprinted stress ball, custom pens and personalized water bottles can very easily be stored for their usage in future events. These can also be donated as well to a non-profit if the shows get cancelled. The plus point of ordering in a bulk is that not only you save your money per item but also you save on shipping charges that are for repeated orders.

 If you are planning a super event or campaign like Skin Cancer Awareness Month that occurs in May, then you might are required to order more limited amount of items or goods like single-use sunscreen packets. It does not matter if you need a big batch of goodies to provide you help in building awareness of your brand throughout the year or small order for a one-time meeting, our search feature is available for you on our website that will prove helpful in filtering by minimizing the quantities so you always have just enough to work with.

You need to know that some quantities and products are going to work the best for various events. It makes sense to order custom notepads or personalized magnets if your intention is to create an everlasting impression and to promote your brand. In contrast to this, you might want to order a few products of high quality like gold-plated pens if you are working on getting thank-you gifts for VIP clients or established customers.