Whether you are an amateur in the field of advertising or a long seasoned professional, you might be looking over at Stitchy Lizard’s product choices and going, “How on earth am I going to choose one?”. There’s nothing to worry about, we will let you know our secret to selecting the most suitable promotional product for the next big event with ease.


To select a giveaway which will bring you positive results from your clients, it is essential to select an item which they would need. Which is quite logical, right? Then, the next question is how do you know what they like? Below are some questions which can assist you to identify your target audience:

What is the service offered by my company to the customers? Is the promotional product linked to the services which I am offering?

What are the giveaways done by my competitors? Are they doing something which the customers like? What can I do to make me stand out from the crowd?

What does my potential clientele have in common among themselves (age, location, hobbies, etc.;)?


Do you have a mechanism to distribute the promotional items once you obtain them? Do you have an idea of what the customers prefer? Here are two facts that can give you an idea of what you are looking for and help narrow down your search:

Magnets, calendars or even koozies are relatively flat and weighs less, making them ideal for direct mailing campaigns.

Apparels and tumblers are on the heavier side, hence suitable for trade shows, where these can be carried home in a tote bag. We have to add that tote bags are also superb for trade shows.


There are numerous expenses which require to be figured out, out of which advertising can be the most difficult one. If your business is a startup which is currently financed solely by you, spending your entire budget on expensive leather briefcases might not be the wisest idea. But, conversely, if your firm is an investment firm handling millions of clients each year, it would be advisable to gift a gold plated pen to your customers.
There are promotional products at every price-point, as you may have noticed. Stitchy Lizard is here to assist you in finding one that matches your budget. You can search promo products through our website and be able to check the total cost of the order before you place the order so that you can compare the final price with your budgetary capabilities.


Consistency is important, especially when promoting your brand and your company. Hence the reason why logos, color selections and even the font you choose in the marketing products are vital, as it solidifies your identity as a brand. Custom promo products provide an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate your brand identity to all of your potential customers. If your organization has a slogan, select a product which can showcase it best. A stress-reliever in the form of a rock is ideal for a business aiming to establish themselves as one with a rock-solid foundation. Similarly, avoid controversial products, especially if you are a family friendly business. Controversy can sometimes be a good thing if it’s done at the right time and place, but brace yourself for the potential side-effects.