When you have picked out a good product that is according to your requirements and you have ordered enough of them to hand out as giveaways and you also made sure that your corporate colors are in accordance to your logo, then the next step that kicks is the assurance that everything will be ready to reach in time for your event.

Is the date of delivery workable for me?

You need to confirm the arrival time of your products while you prepare for your event. You should keep in mind the three main and essential parts that goes into a promotional product order. The first one is ordering which is selectively picking your products. Second is Production that includes your design being conveyed onto your products. Third and last is shipping that is time the product takes to arrive from the factory to your door.

Does the totality of the price of delivery fall within my budget?

The thing that you should avoid doing is to set your heart on some good only to find out later that the price of that item falls outside your budget range. You should first make sure that the price quoted by Stitchy Lizards covers for the amount you are going to spend on your products before committing yourself to ordering the product.

Have I taken into account what type of information, text, logo and/or branding I would prefer on my products?

Take a step back and ponder upon your goals for the giveaway. Keep that in mind, what type of message or information do you like to display on your products? A slogan? A phone number? A name of website?

Is my company logo vectored?

We are required to have a vectored version of your artwork for most of the promotional products that’s gives permission for your design to be sized to the good or item without losing away the clarity of the logo. This make sure that the quality of the artwork printed on your promotional products is the best.

Are eco-friendly and Canadian-made items crucial to me?

Your giveaways need not to fit into these categories. But if any of these mean a big value to the values of your brand, then do make sure to talk to a customer service representative or read the features of the product yourself.

Are my items safe to use when there are children or animals around?

The giveaways and marketing materials are usually meant for adults to use. But if you are running a business that includes pets or children, you might want to double check the safety measures regarding your promotional product.

Have I approved the approval form of my order? What about my digital proof?

Usually, after submitting the order and payment, we can get started on creating your promo products. We want to make sure your order comes out perfect so first, we’ll need you to approve the mockup of the design. 

You are ready to submit the payment once you have confirmed that you have completed all these tasks. We at Stitchy Lizard make it easy and convenient to submit the payments. You are guaranteed to make a memorable and lasting impression with the tight giveaway for your business. Get on with it and shine!