Ordering promotional products for the first time ever may seem a lot of work and overwhelming. You have to keep an eye to find a good product and see to it that you have ordered enough to hand out the giveaways. Also, you have to be very precise and careful that your logo matches your corporate colors. Plus, the major thing to look out for is that the ordering you are doing is within your budget and that the time is taken a priority meaning everything comes on time.


So, what could be the goal of my giveaway?

Well, you first need to ask yourself what is the purpose that you can accomplish or achieve while doing this giveaway before browsing for the items. Do you want to increase visibility? Gain a network with some powerful business partners? Want to grab 20 new leads? Having a set goal in mind will help you to choose the required things you need and helpful in picking up the right items.
What type of people are your target audience? Who are the people that have the potential to buy your service or product? Who are the people that can prove ideal and promising customers for you? You should make loads of effort to buy such items or purchase such goods that you target audience is interested in. For example, your target audience are most likely the readers and the authors if you work in a publishing company. For authors and readers will find less meaning in a stress ball than bookmarks or writing tools.

What message I want to convey to my target audience?

The kind of giveaway you choose speaks volumes about your company and what it stands for. Are you an unorthodox brand that find fun a very awesome thing? Then express your business personality with a very brightly colored pen or cool desk lamps. If you want to show your seriousness, then you can stick to the traditional ones that is notepads and flash drives.

What will be the number of people who will be present at my event?

It is very crucial to take into account the estimation of the people you see that are going to attend or will be present at your conference. You do not want to order many items so that they go to waste. Nor, you want to order few items such that after an hour, you run out of stock. Firstly, contact the organizer who is in charge of the event for some specific number of registrants. If you are ordering for some specific use (i.e weeding favor), retrieve a count of the people that are attending.

Have I taken into account the setting of my event?

For making your giveaway a success, location and weather are two very important factors to take into consideration. For example, if you are outdoors, then the goods like imprinted Frisbees can be used immediately. But you do not want to hand out food if you are outside. The weather is a crucial factor. For example, you do not want to be handing out sunscreen in the outside place when it is winters.

Does the product that I am giving away make sense with my event or business?

Some products just cannot fit with the theme of an event or conference no matter how cool and awesome they sound. For example, the Adventure knife here at Quality Logo Products is our absolute love. It may not seem right or make sense to hand out these to your customers unless and until you are a hunting, camping or an outdoor brand.
Our amazing and helpful checklist definitely makes your next promotional giveaway very easy and epic. This useful guide helps you keep an eye of very small details that will have huge impact later and for locating the best branded products for you. You are guaranteed to make a memorable and everlasting impression at your next show with the right giveaways for your business.