When talking about generating a return on investment (ROI), email marketing remains to be what vendors will go for in the first place. The greatest advantage about it is that it brings key results, as it works by helping create positive product awareness and aids in keeping in touch with potential and the existing customers. Nevertheless, you should take into consideration that email marketing needs your subscribers to willingly want updates and news from your business in order for email marketing to work. For this reason, you will need to generate a high quality and interactive email list.

In order for an email list to be interactive and appealing, it needs ongoing work. It doesn’t matter if you are building a list from scratch or working on an existing list, there are techniques that you can adapt to generate a quality email list which produces high engagement. Further, you will see some guidelines on ways you can generate an email list in an efficient way.

Use Opt-In And Sign-Up Forms

First things first. Every person on your email list is required to willingly opt-in. It is crucial that your users openly ask to receive emails from your business. This comes out to be a consent-based email list. The good thing about building a consent-based list of emails is that the subscribers will most likely open your emails and click on the things you are trying to get them to click on, which can translate into higher revenue.

Get Accurate Information From The Beginning

A lot of vendors think of your customer’s information as a treasure. They find that backing your decisions enhances subscriber engagement which drive to higher conversions. The one thing that kind of sucks is that getting the data that you need in order to reach your target is hard.

Have An Opt-In Reward

Most people actually value their private information, and if they are to share some of it, they don’t like doing it for free. In order to satisfy those people (who are a majority here at Stitchy Lizard), you offer a deal—something of value—to them for them to join your email list.

Make Sure Your Email List Is Healthy

Go to the email doctor. Kidding. A healthy email list gets you a vast number of visitors to click and visit the business website, and a low un-subscription rate. You have a healthy list when you can identify and section email messages and link your efforts to ROI.


Considering you are committed to building a great email list, segmenting your contacts into different lists according to the data you have about them is the next thing you have to make sure to do. Segmenting your email list will increase customer loyalty as emails will be a little more personalized.

Captivate Customers With Your Content

Individuals need content which they can clearly see a value from. You need to have a balance between self-promotion and valuable/entertaining content for your contacts to not get bored with your business emails. A few ideas on valuable content you can provide are pamphlets, digital books, and online journals. Give them something other than advertisements. Never forget.