Researchers have stated that around 70% of businesses have wellness programs and 95% of businesses are maintaining their wellness expenditure in the following three years. This discovery implies that there will be more health info-sessions and exercise programs at workplaces.  

Why Does It Matter?

Wellbeing programs help workers become mindful of their general wellbeing and can prompt smarter decisions. Moreover, having a wellness program can prompt more commitment, profitability, and bliss for your employees. Happy employee, happy office. When your employees are mindful about their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, they are likelier to concentrate on getting more sales, interacting with clients, and providing great customer service. It’s a win-win type situation.

Talk About It

To progress in the right direction, the wellbeing program should be consistently incorporated into work, within the work hours. A major factor for helping the progress is talking about it. Can you believe that only 25% of associations talk about wellbeing/health at least 2/30 days—TWO DAYS OUT OF 30. Talking about it often will give a chance for employees to prepare themselves and know what type of rewards they can get from partaking in wellbeing activities.  

Track The Progress

Towards the start of any program, gather your group to tell the exciting news: You care about their wellbeing and you want to run a wellness program in the office. Explain more about it, the reason you want to implement it and what they will receive in return. Through the span of the program, track everybody’s endeavors; use a whiteboard, chalkboard, or iPad. Just make sure you track progress somehow so you can email it to them.

Obviously, members will hope to see substantial prizes after they make an effort to work on their wellbeing. Giving out rewards is an incredible method to energize and promote wellbeing at work. Consider giving T-shirts after finishing a course, or create a raffle with everyone who has done a positive lifestyle change. Possibilities are endless. You can check out our product directory to get inspired.  Stitchy also gives you the chance to personalize promo products by adding names on clothes, bags, and other items. Watches and wellness trackers are very in-theme rewards. Furthermore, they suit both female and male, and they are one size fits all.

If your office doesn’t have a wellness program, hopefully we gave you very good reasons to start thinking about it or to explore other alternatives.