In the past five years, the popular US Halloween holiday has crossed over to other markets where it has registered tremendous growth. Since 2012, spending on Halloween in the US has grown by over $1-billion while in the UK, it topped £310 million in 2017. Businesses and industries can cleverly gain by riding on Halloween’s fun and popularity. Minimal changes on your branding will be perceived as feeble and lethargic akin to not carving a pumpkin on your door stoop, by reading through our Halloween marketing concepts, your sales will scale high.


  1. Incorporate Halloween Elements

For most people, Halloween is not as significant as Christmas, but it is not an excuse for not adding any Halloween elements when branding items. Making changes to cover and profile pictures in all your social media handles is the obvious change to effect.

Achieve this by changing your profile picture to a Halloween related theme or adding Halloween related elements to existing profile picture, but it should be easily noticeable and discernable. The profile picture gives you a chance to expand, retain some branding without blowing a few Halloween elements on it.

  1. Spooky Digital Promotional Campaign

There is a need to make changes to your social media marketing handles. These include themed Halloween campaigns which should be ongoing for big celebrations such for example, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, and more. You should fix the omission of previously forgetting Halloween.

  1. Spooky Email Blasts

Small themed email adjustments can be to sales or promoting some information on some vehicle brands and associated service enterprises like plumbers, contractors, medical, and even financiers. It is difficult to link many enterprises to holidays such as Halloween. The least you can do is share with your audience a bit of Halloween theme.

It is important to remember not changing the marketing email frequency or even the introduction of sudden mailing. People could be turned off from receiving your marketing emails because they signed on a promise on how frequently they are to be mailed to support you and a sudden change would be perceived to be breaching the agreement

  1. Spook Your Google Ads

It is a big occasion for some venture types as it offers an opportune moment to adjust your ad copies for any running Google Ad campaigns, specifically crafting Halloween keywords could be cheaper than what is usual. This does not bar you from updating your ad copies while including the required keywords. You can also run Google Ads campaigns with Halloween being the objective.

  1. Include Spooky Features to Your Site

Small modifications on your site or mobile App should set it apart for users to see new things. Halloween offers an opportunity to add themed features to your mobile App if your business has a mobile application or a Progressive Web App, but you are not restricted to only adding Halloween features. Generally, Halloween contents disseminated in emails could be modified for mobile Apps together with other ongoing promotions. However, you should include special offers or promotions for businesses that mobile-specific Apps.

  1. Targeted Acquisition

Notifications on mobile Apps are an excellent way for customers to know of existing special offers, promotions, and functions. Your analytics will determine the response frequency of users to the notifications. Blending push notifications and Geotargeting makes a powerful tool if you have a physical address. It works better in a smaller area of 500m radius of your business in which a complementary enterprise or competitor is located.


And that’s it. Hope these spooky tips help your brand grow in Halloween!