Like everything in life, there are some unprecedented circumstances. This is similar to the order of the promotional items. Occasionally, things can go awry! Although this is subtle here, when it occurs, we do our best to correct it quickly. These few steps will help in preventing some common errors!

Artwork Approval

The first rule to ensue with any order is the finality of the artwork. This magic rule almost entirely cancels the possibility of something going wrong if followed. Even if it is a producer, seller, or buyer, we will select the final pre-production visual plan. Also, if your sales order says a different thing, the visual will be passed to the necessary parties. Always request updated proof to ascertain that the product will be as you expect if you make last-minute changes.

Colour Check

Often, color comes out in the wrong shade because of the failure to provide a color reference. The best choice is to either employ Pantone or CMYK color references to guarantee a similar match to brand colors. There are hundreds of shades that could be picked if you asked for light blue. Using a color reference will ensure consistency n all the paint shades.


The first thing is PLEASE LET US KNOW! When it comes to deadlines, without telling us that the event has a deadline, the promotional items will be on a regular service. If we are told that we have limited time to work with, we can ensure plenty of time to ensure the completion of the job. It is also best to give some cushioning time. If you have an event on Friday, you should request for delivery on a Tuesday/ Wednesday. These are referred to as cushioning days, meaning that should any challenges that are out of our hands, for example, the delivery company failure or no one at home arise, you still receive the item in time.

Adhering to these steps will avert any opportunity of something not working out with your products and making the ordering process super smooth.