Although the conventional methods of advertising are expensive and difficult to quantify, modest enterprises do not have at their disposal cheaper and recordable marketing mechanisms. With the availability of numerous means of marketing, how do you decide where to start? The following are our tips. 

  1. Craft an elevator pitch

Your marketing should be perpetual-everywhere you go. You, therefore, need a convincing tone.

You need six to eight seconds to grab an average adult’s attention since research has proved that they are attentive within this period

A little over a minute will be available for you to sell them your item or service if you successfully engaged them. Take time to create a convincing elevator pitch. The outcome of your efforts will be a great reward in the provision of business opportunities.

  1. Leverage your community

Do not overthink your marketing attempts. Think around you. What is happening in your locality?

Support a small league team or a 5k donation walk/run. Leave printed bookmarks in a local library. Endeavor to learn your perfect client and imagine how and where their time is spent. 


  1. Collaborate

Harmoniously sync a group of collaborative businesses in your region and set to cross-promotion.

Vouchers, fliers, mutual website links, packed promotions, or social media platforms can be used. Your client base can be expanded through cooperation because you will meet new people.

  1. Network

I am a big fan of networking. I think going out and shaking some hands and knowing people is a better way of building an enterprise than any other way.

Networking does not provide immediate success as it requires time engagement, but having a strong network is one of the best assets for an entrepreneur. 

  1. Give a speech

Many people abhor public speaking. Nonetheless, many organizations seeking skilled, subject-matter experts who can represent them exists.

Offer to volunteer. You don’t have to be experienced provided you give helpful information to the audience. The advantage is that  it becomes simple with time and also positions you as a reliable force in your territory.

  1. Create buzz

Since starting my corporate career in the public relations field, technology has led to significant changes in the business.

A lot can be achieved today by a small entrepreneur without the need for outsourcing a professional firm. Sign up to help a reporter out. You can answer the reporter’s questions on article ideas and resources. Some are small media chances, but other major media houses to use the service.

  1. Ask for referrals

Don’t be apprehensive in inquiring about client referrals. Many people say if asked for referrals, they are willing to offer, but only a few people have the enthusiasm to do it.

If you are not asking for referrals, opportunities are passing you by because referrals help in gaining new clients.

  1. Build relationships

It is cheaper to keep a client than to get a new one. It is, therefore, important to create a strong association with your clients. Email marketing to stay in touch with clients is one way in which you can achieve this.

When clients visit your shop or website, ask for their email addresses. Then informatively, helpfully, and professionally communicate to them, something that will be eagerly awaited by your clients.

  1. Offer coupons

 A good method of pulling many clients to your business is the use of coupons. Research indicates that many entrepreneurs will attempt coupon use, attesting the successfulness of this method in business customer base expansion.

Return visits can also be generated by coupons. For instance, if a client is given a coupon with a discount for future use, chances that they’ll be back are high.

  1. Give it away

There are high prospects that someone would want to buy more of your items or services if they had the chance to experience them.

In the present economy, people are satisfied by buying something they have already experienced. So do not be apprehensive about giving a free trial or sample to clients.

These ten, cheap marketing methods will assist you in relating to customers, creating connections, and finally making your brand to be of choice. In marketing, it is not always about the money to be spent, but about time and dedication needed and most important is its relevance to clients.