Email marketing continues to be a top choice among marketers when it comes to generating return on investment (ROI). It brings major results to the table since it helps create positive brand awareness and continued touch-points with prospective and loyal customers. But the thing is, email marketing only works if subscribers choose to hear from your company through emails. This is why you need to have an email list — one that exhibits quality and is highly engaged.


Growing an engaged email list requires an ongoing effort that pays off big time. Whether you’re working on an existing list or starting a new one, there are key ways you can create a high-quality email list that drives engagement. Below are some helpful tips on how you can build an engaged email list the right way.


Use opt-in and sign-up forms.

Every single subscriber in your list must be acquired through opt-in. It’s vital that your subscribers explicitly request to be on your list and opt-in to hear from you — something we call as permission-based. Permission-based email lists matter because they deliver 30-40% open rates and 20% click-through rates, as well as drive significant levels of sales and revenue.


Collect the right data from the start.

Many marketers consider quality data as a gold mine. After all, data-driven email marketing optimizes subscriber engagement and drive conversions. However, there’s always the struggle to acquire the data you need to accomplish your campaign goals.


Add an opt-in incentive.

Not everyone likes sharing their personal information for free. So how do you cater to those people to make them join yet another newsletter? You offer them something valuable in exchange for a sign-up, also known as a lead magnet.


Ensure email list health

Having a healthy email list helps you get the most out of this highly valuable email marketing asset. A strong email list has stable or increasing open and click-through rates and a decreasing list decay. You have a quality list if you can segment and personalize messages and tie your email campaigns directly to ROI.


Segment your email list

In essence, segmentation sorts your contacts into different lists or “buckets” based on the information you have on them and their engagement. According to DMA, email segmentation and personalization were the most effective email strategies of 2017. In addition, 74% of marketers reported an increase in customer engagement due to targeted personalization. These stats alone emphasize the benefits you can get from segmenting your email list.


Provide valuable, personalized content.

People want content that delivers benefits. Balancing your promotional offers with value-added content, such as newsletters, e-books and blogs, is one key to maintaining an engaged email list. Likewise, personalized emails provide relevance to subscribers and help increase your open and click-through rates.

In today’s era of email marketing, having a quality email list matters more than having one with hundreds of thousands of unequally engaged subscribers. Focusing on growing an engaged list — and constantly improving it — is vital to increase the success of your email marketing campaigns. Put your best effort into building the perfect email list as it serves as the key to building and nurturing customer relationships over time.