This is such a big claim, but we promise you that we did our research and found it to be true: companies are not taking advantage of billions of dollars in profit by not supporting gender equality in their advertisements. Given that women make 80% of the decisions in their households, this a huge neglection.

Companies advocating gender equality are priced at around a billion dollars higher than those companies who don’t. This means that represent gender equality companies are 6% healthier than companies with pro-patriarchism messages.

Even with companies actively looking for ways to depict women better, there are still lots advertisements depicting women in a negative light, leading most women to ignore them all. A whooping 85% of womankind think that advertising is not doing a good work at representing women right.

In the last year, according to just 37% of women and 43% of men, equality has improved. These low numbers have mainly to do with the fact that companies don’t see how detrimental having a self-confidence message in their ads is for feminism and what is does for feelings of women towards those ads. So, in our opinion, let’s get the self-confidence going and mean it.

Stitchy Lizard is proudly run by strong female entrepreneurs who seek to revolutionize the printing industry, and we find absolute joy in seeing females thriving in any and all industries! Imagine what our country’s economy would look like if we were more inclusive and balanced with genders. So we get the idea. Including female empowerment in a brand’s message is as important as being consistent about it. Brands, stand your ground and fight for what’s fair, and making it part of your message might be beneficial.

Promoting self-esteem for women is an avenue worth tapping. Not just because we think that it’s the right thing to do but because, in all realness, it is a positive contribution to society. Studies have shown that it takes less effort to create self-confidence than to support self-confidence.  

Perhaps featuring various types of women in advertising efforts is a good start towards contributing to a worthy strategy. What do you think?