If it is your first time participating as an exhibitor in a business fair or exhibition, you might feel like it will be a challenge to stand out. But don’t worry because many preparations can be planned out before the big day. 


Almost every industry that you can imagine has its own expo. It is therefore advisable to do some research on your country’s top events in your industry to get a feel. If possible, visit the event you are planning on exhibiting in, that way you will see for yourself what actually happens at these events and you can be even more prepared. By physically going to these expos, you will get an idea on what other exhibitors (most likely your competitors) are involved in and how they are attracting their clients hence you will understand how to better your strategy. Here are a few tips that will help you in enticing people to generate more traffic to your stand and guarantee a successful time at any expo.


 It’s all about the first impression

Understanding where your stand is located and how it will be arranged are important factors that will likely determine the number of people that will pass by your tent at the event. Your stand should be bold, brilliant, and intriguing so that it’s easily spottable. Second, you should keep your stand on brand, as you want prospects to get a feel for who you are as a business. 


Display your message in the clearest, fastest way possible; let attendees see and understand your unique offer quickly. Remember that there are so many other stands at these expos, so you have to be fast in making a good first impression. People will not have time to guess what your business does, so hand them all the key information on a plate. Proper lighting and decent-sized graphics will also enhance attendees’ experiences and help in capturing their attention from all directions.


Give them something to talk about

It would be a waste to have a good looking stand without any products to touch or services to demo. It is important to consider your target audience and which senses will most likely be heightened when choosing your products or services. Consider the products that they can see, touch, smell, or listen to because people love to experience the product, as opposed to just looking at them (except if what you are selling is a service). 


An engaging presentation is a considerable method to make people come and stay in your stand, and as they start gathering around your products, more and more people will follow out of curiosity. Curiosity is always attractive. Networking will naturally take place as the crowd starts accumulating in one place, and that is how you make sure that your public can spend some extra time at your stand — extra time equals higher chances of making sales.


People like People

Yes, people like people because people can identify with other people! In addition to choosing the right products to display at your stand, another tricky subject is finding the right sales representative to talk to expo attendees. It would paint a bad picture if employees at your stand are busy on their phones or only chatting with each other, uninterested and unaware about what’s happening around them at the event. 


A sales rep who overdoes his/her job is something that you don’t want either; someone who acts desperate and tries to pull everybody into the stand to sell them something does not look any better than a lazy sales rep. Choose your sales rep right. Someone who can understand your products well and is interested in them (and in selling them) is your best bet.   

There you go. These are just a few ways in which you can attract prospects at expositions. Tune in for part 2, where we will tell you a few more ways to achieve your goal. Until next time!