On choosing the conference at which you want to exhibit, you must identify your goals from the event. Examples of popular objectives are to generate leads, facilitate sales, and new product launch or promotion. Although all the three goals are achievable, it is crucial to have one main concern of focus on your trade stand at the trade fair to ensure that the target audience is given a clear message.

Now, your biggest question after all the preparations is how do I get people to come and stay in my stand? Well, the tips below will assist you in enticing people and generate traffic to your stand to guarantee a successful exhibition. Ready to stand out at expos?


Don’t let them forget you

Offer your visitors motivation to stay on your display tent by creating a win-win situation such as through competitions or promotions in exchange for a little bit of data or even just a ‘tell a friend’ deal that will sell your brand name. In addition to helping in attracting attention to your stand, it will also ensure future contact with possible sales leads (hopefully, you rightly got no.3). Carrying out competitions before the expo is also an excellent way that guarantees some visitors to your stand by offering a ‘pre-event’ promotion. For example, giving some tickets for the event itself will work to entice your existing clients into coming and paying a visit at your stand in the exhibition. These promotions are essential in focusing any special discount that will be offered at a given trade fair and will make people start talking about your brand before visiting.


It’s all about the giveaway.

If you are an exhibitor these days, you cannot depart from the feared promotional ‘handouts’ debate, and yes, thousands of options are available, and yes, a popular favorite is a pen. Nonetheless, to be pessimistic here, it would be great to offer a free pen if the potential customer needed the pen because if they did not, it is probable that the pen will end up being thrown in the bottom of a free bag that they have also picked from the fair. Promotional handouts at the trade fair events are to purposely give the WOW factor and lifelong impact on your visitors. Choose your promotional products to take to the trade fair keeping the three U’s; Useful, Unique, and unforgettable in consideration.


 You will have to think outside the box if you want to attract the crowds into your tent in the next trade fair or show. Become innovative in the layout of your stand, ensure that there are welcoming people at your stand that understand enough about your business and can respond to questions that they are asked and give your customers a reason why they should visit your stand through either a competition or the best promotional give away in the world.