Occasionally, an excellent first impression differentiates between a client lost and a sale. This is the aim when designing a website, making a good first impression. Your design should inspire confidence that you are an authorized enterprise if a customer sees your item in an ad or social media then goes to your website.

Follow these rules in redesigning your site: less is more, bigger is better, and keep it simple.


Less is more

Sharp website design begins with using the power of whitespace. Whitespace, rather than crowding different components into single space, making it look squeezed, is a blank unoccupied space in the design that allows the mind to rest. Many desktops have migrated to big-sized monitor, although the screens of smartphones have been enlarged, a lot of whitespace grant components on the page to constrict, but enough space is still left for a good look.


Bigger is better

The concept less is more also works on photos save for the size. A peek at any present brand’s website will reveal big, beautiful, informative pictures with no need for more texts. Using a single photo will have user’s attention on both desktops and as opposed to scattering images all over your screen.


Keep it simple

Similar to fewer texts and pictures, simplify the navigation of your site in the design to protect users from vanquishing. The quicker a user understands your website at first look, the faster they’ll navigate through your sales links and possibly make a purchase.


Why design matters

Apart from a better look, a sharp design has a powerful effect on engaging clients and your interest. Whether they are aware or not of your business, a customer will judge it based on the design of your website.


Do your research

Before selecting colors to use, look at the websites of the brands of your admiration, and note what you like on their site. Note their whitespace usage and color coordination choices. What design rules that will work well for you did they use? For simple execution, sketch your concept on a paper when you are prepared to start.


Use the right tools

Many ways of creating a website exist. WordPress, which needs HTML and coding knowledge, can be used. A drag-and-drop type editor, which reduces work on it, can be used to make the task easier. 


Design your website (with some help)

A well-designed website is for your benefit not only to make you proud of your online presence. A well-designed website makes more clients want to visit your site and participate in the business.