Products that offer stress relief can be great for your health. Setting some time every day to recharge and re-energize will help in the long run, as you will avoid serious burnout or something more serious to your health, such as anxiety and depression.

At Stitchy, we have got you covered with the essential stress relief products that everyone in your office should be getting in this new year 2020. These products may be small, but their results are big, especially.Treat your well-being seriously, as it’s what your work performance (and performance in life, overall) will depend on.

We have compiled a list of our staff’s favorite stress relief promo products that time after time proof that they work. Here are 5 stress relief products to help you relax:



A smooth and easy way to stay calm is by pouring yourself a hot tea. Not only will it keep you warm during this freezing Winter, but it also will calm down your nerves. The great thing about teas is that you can prepare them anywhere and drink it anytime, including at meetings. Make sure that you serve your tea in one of our custom mugs of your choice!


Neck Pillow

Sometimes, our bad mood can be attributed to neck pains, or physical pain in general. To avoid getting tense around your neck and shoulders, get a custom neck pillow. This also doubles as a perfect product to take during road trips or plane flights. It’s the pillow that keeps on giving!


Spa Kit

At Stitchy Lizard, we have custom Spa Kits. That’s right, relax with promo products that will help you fall asleep easier after a long day of work. Our spa kit includes: loofa scrubber, massage brush, facial brush, nail brush and mirror.


Massage Ball

Not to be confused with Stress Balls, a Massage Ball helps with loosening up the muscles. Say goodbye to your stress as this amazing products melts tension away and keeps your relaxed throughout the day.


Stress Ball

This should be a staple at every workplace. Now, imagine having a branded stress ball with your company’s logo. Everytime someone is stressed and picks up their stress ball, they will associate your brand with feelings of calmness and positivity. Wow!

You can’t go wrong with these custom stress relief products. The best part of it, you can find them all in our website! Put in your order today and start living a more stress-free life!