Last month we covered the best slogans of all time so naturally we thought that we could not leave the best jingles of all time behind. If you were born before the Internet Era (hello Baby Boomers!), you will remember that there was a time when you watched TV –yes, TV!– and a commercial would come on and you’d sing to it.


If you were around in the 80’s, you’ll remember Molson Exports’ “Ex Says It All” commercial. And you probably knew the lyrics to it. Not much has changed since then: companies still use jingles to promote their businesses in this Digital Era except that the preferred medium to watch it from are smartphones and laptops.

Powerful jingles make you feel emotions ranging. From happiness to nostalgia, they make you feel a certain way that makes you remember for years and year. They can be so powerful that they might bring back childhood memories! On this note, here are some of the most memorable ad jingles of all time in our opinion!


Subway "Five Dollar Footlong"

It is truly unfortunate that in 2019, this promo of a footlong for $5 is gone; however, the “Five Dollar Footlong” jingle still lives in our memories. This catchy tune was an effort to bring in more customers, and boy did it bring them! The campaign resulted in making Subway’s sandwiches one of the best-selling items in the American fast food industry and a huge boost in sales, which pretty much came to a stop since they discontinued this promotion. Subway resurfaced with a new campaign in 2018 in hopes to get back in the game: $4.99 footlong. Even though it was a cheaper deal, the campaign wasn’t as memorable as “Five Dollar Footlong”.

McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It”

Do you know Grammy winner and hip hop artist Pusha T? Well, before collaborating with Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, and our very own Drake, he created this catchy hit. Justin Timberlake joined the project to lend his voice, and it was iconic. McDonald’s allegedly invested more than $1 billion on the promotion of this campaign (“I’m Lovin’ It”). The money went to: five commercials (which had this jingle as background), the translation of the jingle to 11 (yes, 11!) other languages, and various posters, of course. And Ba da Ba ba baaa, we’re still lovin’ it.

Lucky Charms “They’re Magically Delicious”

The "They're Magically Delicious" jingle was created in 1963 and has been used ever since by General Mills to promote Lucky Charms cereal. The voice with Irish accent behind the jingle was voice actor Arthur Anderson, who was also the voice behind Eustace Bagge from the cartoon “Courage the Cowardly Dog”! He lent his voice to Lucky up until 1992. The jingle was a big hit and is probably the reason why so many people associate marshmallows with Lucky Charms. Last year, they replaced the hourglass marshmallow for a unicorn marshmallow, making this the first change in ages.