Like Hamlet once said, “To spend a lot of money on high quality promo items, or not to spend a lot of money on high quality promo items, that’s the question”. We don’t blame him, this is a difficult problem that people in the 21st Century continue to have. So what is the answer? Well, sometimes the answer is pretty simple: sometimes you have to go with high quality promo items and sometimes you can go with lower priced promo items like budget pens!


A pen is probably the most famous promo item among businesses in the world. And rightfully so! Pens are easy to carry, easy to hold, and people actually like them because they find them useful in their day to day lives (for writing!). Also, they come in a variety of colors, materials, and prices: cheap or expensive, you name it.


We at Stitchy Lizard can assure you that pens tend to be one of the best-selling products for business who sell promo items. Because the product can easily be handed out at events, pens, pencils and markers stamped with your business’ logo give great value for your money spent on advertising. While we here at Stitchy Lizard try our best-est to supply high quality pens for various ranges of budgets, there are times where we think that going for cheaper pens is not a good idea. Aside from your budget, here are other factors that we think that you should consider when searching for the best pen for your promotional strategy:

It’s really not the price tag of your promo item that will tell you how long your customer will keep it. The level of usefulness that your item brings to the customer will.