You must have heard awesome taglines many times whether they were entertaining or serious, and you remember them because of the powerful message. The attributes of the best slogans include the clarity of what the brand is delivering and how memorable they are for people.

As long as anyone remembers, companies have been placing their slogans on their products. Whenever you see a t-shirt of Nike, do you not quickly visualize the iconic swoosh, accompanied by the slogan, “Just Do It”? One of the best trademarks of successful businesses is their creative and great slogan. So it is very important to put all your thoughts into coming up with a good slogan that is unique and descriptive about your brand at the same time. It also should be able to deliver what you want to tell the world about your brand.

Whenever we ponder about “Great Slogans” at Stitchy Lizard, we immediately think of some that are listed below:


“Just Do It”

This was the slogan of a small, struggling company known as Nike. We’re kidding, they are obviously not struggling. It soon caught the public’s eye as this slogan captures the determined mentality that is a requirement of the successful sports stars and fitness enthusiasts. The slogan “Just Do It” represents a bold and powerful statement that motivates the athletes to put in all the efforts and work harder. For customers, this slogan acts as an encouragement whenever they pass by it.

“Got Milk?”

This ad campaign was premiered in 1993 in the form of a message from the California Milk Processor Board in order to persuade people to get into the habit to drink more milk. It was created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners. The simple tagline of this company was supported by attractive stars that were wearing mustaches of milk, stadium cups decorated with the short slogan and smart commercials. This campaign also showcased the power of straight forward and short messages that are easy to remember by the customers and consumers. This slogan was renamed in 2014 as “Milk Life” after surviving the long 20 years. The emphasis was on showing and featuring everyday people instead of celebrities with high profile to persuade and convince people to drink the milk and also stressed upon the nutritional benefits of it to the consumer.

“Taste the Rainbow”

The tagline of Skittles “Taste the Rainbow” was launched in 1994 and has been noted the longest advertising campaigns of all time. A company known as D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles in New York created the idea of this campaign. They also invented the concepts of advertisement in 2002 for the fruit-flavored candy. The most recognizable commercials of Skittles consist of the placements from the mid of 90s. Here, the candies were buried in the ground. This caused the rainbow to come up and shoot into the skies from the ground.

“I’m Loving It”

How can one forget this legendary line? It has been the constant singing of the nation since 2003 of McDonald’s catchy commercials. Who had the slightest idea that chicken nuggets or cheeseburgers would become so memorable? By partnering with well-known musicians like Pusha T and Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake contributed in launching this catchy campaign. We love Justin Timberlake so this slogan also made it to Stitchy Lizard’s list of Best Jingles.