The Super Bowl is an annual event that strengthens bonds and joins friends, families and food together. It has a really epic half-time show too but one thing the Super Bowl is known for are the TV commercials and the production value put into them. With Super Bowl 2019 coming up, let’s talk about the history of Super Bowl Commercials!

In the history of commercials, the time period between the end of the 70s and 80s was remarkable and great. In fact, it was during this time that the very first Super Bowl commercial was launched on the screen and ever since that epic time, it has become quite a tradition to unravel and present the best of the best ads during the biggest games of football. One of the most mesmerizing and memorable commercials was from Coca-Cola, in which they promoted Mean Joe Greene, who was an intimidating and terrifying defense person for the Pittsberg Steelers. In this commercial, there is a young boy whose bottle of Coke is stolen by Greene as he tosses his jersey to the boy.

In 1979, the commercial was aired on big screens and became a success for many reasons. At this moment in time, the Civil Right movement was still fresh and new. A number of fans reached out to Greene when the commercial was aired out.  The main focus of the ad came down to the importance of how one should never judge a book by its cover. Furthermore, the ad did not promise anything more than to provide with a good and awesome taste of Coke. As stated by Kanner, “It recognized that Coke is only a soft drink; it will not change the world or heal Mean Joe’s injury but it can and did restore his smile and spirit.” It could have been the results of this goodwill that the Steelers rose to victory that year as the champions of Super Bowl.

Similarly to Mean Joe Greene, another of the best ads of Super Bowl is without a doubt Apple’s “1984”. For this ad to come to the surface, a director with a big name (Ridley Scott) was hired, owing to his awesome and magnificent skill of storytelling. Up until now, this commercial has been marked as the greatest masterpiece of all time.

The commercial shows a story of a woman fighting against a dystopian society’s idea of “Unification of Thoughts”. In order to make the community settle for some certain way of life, a giant man is seen on the screen who is brainwashing the people. The strong woman defies the giant man and hits the screen with a giant hammer. She then encourages the people to think different. To this day, the same slogan has been used by Apple.

It has become our habit to tune in once a year to watch the commercials that have been made to honor the Super Bowl. As a matter of fact, the Super Bowl 50, in 2016, was one of the greatest television events and it featured and promoted many memorable ads. A single brand has to pay about $5 million for just a 30 second segment if they wanted to advertise during the telecast. This just shows how important and influential Super Bowl is for the advertisers.

By the way, which brand ad are you most interested to watch at the Super Bowl this year?