Well, below are some ideas and suggestions that we at Stitchy Lizard have brainstormed for different ways to use your promo product and items!


Another idea for using yout promo items is having your employees in mind. Think of how you can encourage your employees to always have a good performance at their jobs by giving them gifts. If the employees are motivated to do their job in the best way then, in return, it is also beneficial to the company as a whole. It has been proven that if the efforts and hard work of the employees are being recognized, then they are likely to perform future tasks with much more enthusiasm. Therefore, recognition is important for motivation. There are many ways to recognize your employees efforts, one of them being to award the person with a nice promo item with the employee’s name.


Many people utilize their promo products doing this. Whenever they see their old and new customers, be at community festivals, inside their store or even at trade shows; they are just eager to hand them a promo product to them. This technique works wonders because, after all, it is a non-specific, broad idea or approach. Aside from this, eight out of ten people tend to recall a company’s name better, according to an industry survey, if they have seen it on some item that is being promoted.


There is no need to wait for some big accomplishment to occur or some special occasion to come in order to place the company logo on custom items that are being utilized by your company. Putting the logo design and name on everyday items like notepads, pens and other supplies of the office that are used on a daily basis gives out a homely environment and image to the people working for the company. It is also crucial to take note that you have to spend money on office supplies anyways.


You have probably seen companies giving out incredible contest prizes like winning a dinner out with an Maple Leaf player or winning an all-inclusive trip to Hawaii (or some other magnificent contest prize). And while you may think that having company contests with such prizes is an difficult idea to fathom for your company, you need to remember that promotional products can come in all forms and sizes, and they are just as valued. By that, we mean that there you can find the perfect contest prizes regardless if you have a big or small budget.


Have you ever came across the thought of how could you transmit appreciation towards your most loyal and dedicated customers? Or how to let them know that they are appreciated during the holidays? Well, we have got some good solutions in the form of promotional products! Promo products are very useful in order to grasp the good will of your customers. They show the customers how important they are for the company and they are great items to have your logo and name printed on.


The company and businesses that have established membership models, like the fitness centers, are able to form a better relationship with their clients as they get to know them better through an extended period of time. Well, of course that can only be possible if the customer finds the membership beneficial. Apart from this, other potential customers want to have a taste of what they are getting out of the membership. To greet the customers with a warm welcome, hoping that they decide to join the club, it is ideal to hand them a promotional product. In this context, branded pieces of clothing like t-shirts, polos and jackets would be recommended.


Many owners of various companies and businesses are in love with the idea of a rewards program. This is because the program offers a “free ticket” and opportunity to keep the customers coming back to the company. In return of the points that acquired by the customers, there are a lot of services that they could get for a discounted price. Regardless of how many discounts they are getting through the rewards program, including a promo t-shirt doesn’t hurt.


It may have never occured to you that party favors and promotional products are the same thing. But just think about it: at the wedding reception of your best friend, those exceptionally printed items that you can take home had to appear from somewhere! Party favors are considered to be big business for the promotional item industry because promotional products double as great party favors.