Were you aware that a total of $60 billion dollars are lost by North American companies on an yearly basis just because of the poor customer service provided by them? Customers are the heart and soul of the companies. They act like a fuel that keeps the company going. Because of this reason, a company must always remember to make them feel happy and appreciated. And, luckily, there are many ways to show this!
Everyone wants to feel that they have an importance and a value. We have listed below some of the reasons to why it is so important to portray to your clients their importance around the year.
WHY TO CELEBRATE YOUR CUSTUMERS: First and foremost, they are the reason that your company runs. If you think about it, you owe them in a way. THANK YOU CUSTOMERS! Your services would not be utilized and your products would not be bought without the your customers. So, they are an integral ingredient for your business to run. All the brands came about through one dream, one idea, and one entrepreneur. The people who came to know this dream fell in love with and believed in it enough to invest in it.
THERE LIES A POWER IN WORD OF MOUTH: People begin to talk about the services and products once they fall in love with the services and products that the company offers. They talk about them to their friends and family. They also share them online. They post positive feedback and reviews. People are more likely to listen and take the recommendations into consideration from the people they know. So, in this way, the customer’s likeliness to a product or service act as a word of mouth and is one of the best and quickest ways to get recognition and promote your company.
YOUR IMAGE WILL LOOK BETTER: There are numerous factors that define how “great” a brand is. Some of them include your online activity, your options, your location, your customer service, and your logo. These are some of the things that people first look at, judge and study. Another factor that helps potential customers find a “great” brand is knowing that they appreciate their customers. No one wants to associate with a brand that fails value their customers.
LOYALTY IS KEY: You have to display gratefulness and gratitude to your customers if you want to sell your services and products. People will only remember the awesome customer service you gave to them and the care and thought you put into their order. Showing your customers your loyalty goes a long way. Your clients will have a deep sense of appreciation for you and you will acquire and gain customers that would love to come back to your company.
How to Celebrate Customers

Saying Thank You!

Saying ‘thank you’ is the easiest way to verbalize to your customers how much you appreciate them. Make sure that your brand illustrates gratitude whenever you send a handwritten card, or give an in-person thank you with in-person purchases, or send an auto-generated email containing your orders.

Giving Gifts

You should give out gifts depending upon the taste of your clients. A few ideas on the kind of gifts that you can send to clients that do business with you consists of food items, tool kits shirts, and office supplies


The best way to have a celebration with your customers is to invite them over to events. Events are a great way to honor your company achievements and accomplishments. Plus, you get to know your customers better and everyone will have a good time and fun.

Featuring Customers

People are interested to know that there are real humans behind a brand. Featuring photos of your customers on your websites and showing customers while using your product on social media accounts is a good way to celebrate your customers.