There are lots of exciting things about playing a sport, but arguably one of the most exciting days is when you finally get your new teamwear! If you have a team that gets to pick their own teamwear, you might find yourself suddenly in a pickle with several different options and just as many different opinions. Let’s look at a few different ways that you can help your team decide on their teamwear for the upcoming season.

  1. Do an online survey
    Let the team members choose their favorite uniform idea online. The reason is simple: no one feels pressure and everyone will stay anonymous as long as they vote individually from their home computers. 
  2. Take anonymous votes
    Taking votes either with hands (while their eyes are closed) or with a no-name piece of paper can help children determine what they really want without necessarily feeling peer pressure. 
  3. In-person votes
    As a group, have everyone line up and step forward if they like one choice, count. Then repeat the process with another choice, count. Repeat until consensus is reached.
  4. Ranking choices
    Put the mock-ups of the choices up on a whiteboard or chalkboard and let the team members put a number 1 for their first choice, 2 for their second choice etc. on the papers. Count up how many votes each gets. Making members rank their choices can sometimes take off the pressure of only choosing one.


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When you choose to order from Stitchy, you don’t need to worry about finding the style that best suits your team’s vision. If you send us the mock-up, our team will suggest a few styles for you while making sure that you have high-quality products. 

If your team members are very young, you probably won’t want to give them a choice at all regarding teamwear, since the resulting discussion will get out of hand very quickly! Instead, just tell them the teamwear they will be wearing and let them vote on something more flexible, such as the snack choices or the team name. Furthermore, younger team members will need the quality that you can get from brands like Under Armour, Columbia, Roots, Puma, Nike and New Era.