15 years ago, it was easy to imagine a world without social media (because it didn’t exist). But now that it has been in existence for a while, it is almost sad to imagine a world without it. Social media has way too many benefits that we now can’t live without. Here are 5 benefits of social media that will hopefully make you consider creating a social media account for your brand (if you haven’t already). 


Staying Informed

No longer do we have to run after the mailman in the morning to get our newspaper or buy a television in order to know what’s happening. We have the latest news on our cell phone, in various formats: Don’t like reading? There are video news channels. Don’t like watching videos? You can listen to a news podcast while you are doing your laundry! Consuming information has never been easier.


To Not Get Bored

This is a big one. Some of us may sometimes find ourselves doing absolutely nothing and staring into the blank. This issue of wasting time doing nothing productive can easily be solved by going on social media. It is a convenient way to spend your free time without needing too much time and effort from you (unlike going to the park, composing a song, or getting ready for a party). 


Lots Of Content To Choose From 

Social media is the best place to find entertaining gems, as way too many people share their creations/posts on it. The reason for this can be attributed to it being a cost-free media. Other mediums, such as television and magazines, have a pricey tag for showing your creations on them, which is why entertaining content on those types of mediums are fairly limited. This being said, there is something for everyone on social media.

Connecting With Like-Minded People

Social media makes it possible for us to connect with people who have similar interests as us. For instance, we can post a question and get a reply from people who are also wondering the same thing, or people who know the answer to the same thing. This makes room for a lasting digital “friendship” if the topic at hand is powerful enough.


Keeping In Touch With Out-Of-Country Relatives

If you or a family member lives in a different country, you know how valuable social media can be. It is a great way to keep in touch with the people you love, regardless of how many miles separate you from each other. 


Social media is powerful and extremely useful, which is why more than 1 billion people around the world are active on it. Hopefully these benefits were convincing enough to make you want to consider using social media, it was definitely enough reasons for making us start to use it! 


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