Slogans are a catchy, short and sweet sentence that becomes an extension of your company, it becomes part of your brand’s DNA. You can typically find a slogan right under a brand’s logo. Because it’s a part of the brand’s persona, you got to make sure to have a slogan that is both great and tasteful. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin when coming up with the perfect slogan, here are a few concepts that will help get your creative juices flowing and help you see the importance of having a slogan for your brand.


Let’s dive into it, shall we?


The Slogan Has A Purpose

A slogan is a short sentence that helps your customers see what your company is all about in a clear manner. This short, catchy phrase should be able to bring out emotions and values that you want your brand to be associated with. It is a powerful marketing tool that is not constrained to a certain period [of time]. 

Slogans usually are made up of five or less words, and they display the advantages of using your company. And if you think 5 words is super short, take a look at Stitchy Lizard’s 3-word-long slogan: “Your Brand, Everywhere!”. They can also display a concept that you wish your customers to have in mind whenever they think about your company. Great slogans should be useful, as opposed to complicated and messy. If you’d like customers to perceive your brand as having depth to it, using metaphors on your slogans can be a good option. Don’t forget that slogans are a way to make your brand stand out from the noise (your competitors) and highlight your individuality.


Don’t Forget About The Logo

Your slogan should be displayed alongside your logo. Never put the slogan without the logo, as a slogan without a logo would have no context. That would be like showing the lyrics to a song without showing the artist’s name; imagine how bad it would be if a potential customer likes a slogan but can’t find who it belongs to… Devastating.

In an ideal situation, you would create a logo that matches the slogan and vice-versa. You want them to be as connected as possible, so check that your slogan is your logo’s perfect accessory and helps tell your brand’s narrative—your message


Making Time For Errors

This sounds like a very obvious thing to do, but sometimes we forget to check and double check our work because we think it looks fine. Remember that because you spent so much time with your work, you may not be able to see the last few imperfections. The solution to this problem? Get a new pair of eyes that can check your work for you and allocate the time to make these tweaks.


Keeping Your Slogan Short

We can’t stress this one enough. A slogan can’t be  customer to read each time he/she sees your ads! There is no point in making your slogan more than a sentence long. If you find yourself not being able to keep it short, consider starting a company blog and work on making your ideas more concise. Worry about the logo later, when you know the 5 words you want to communicate to your customers.


People see thousands and thousands of advertisements on a daily. Your job is to make your brand memorable enough that at the end of the day they can recall it. Creating a powerful slogan is not easy, but certainly not impossible.