College years: most of us have been there, which is why we feel the pain of every college student who has big dreams (like starting his/her own business and needing promo products with the business logo) but needs to live on a tight budget. The same can be said for companies: companies are always on a budget when it comes to marketing. This marketing budget is most often than not extremely tight, not leaving too much room for high quality custom shirts, hats, and pens.

We want to help you get the best branded products for the least amount of money. Keep reading to learn the tips and tricks to save on promo items.

To start, you need to agree on a budget for the marketing campaign you’re trying to create. A budget will give you a clear view of how much can truly go towards buying promo products. Once you have that number set in stone, you should:


Pick a product for your audience

This is a number one on the list of tips because there is no point in getting a promo product that your potential customers can’t find useful. Think about what your target audience would use and like, and give it to them.  It would be awful if, for instance, you gave fidget spinners to your audience of newborns. What would a newborn do with a fidget spinner? (What would newborns do with anything really?). 

Another thing to have in mind when picking the product is how your logo will look on the item you’ve chosen? Think position, size, and if the product’s color complements the logo’s. 

Plan From Beginning To End

Remember that you need to calculate for shipping and handling, and sometimes even need to pay a graphic designer. All these costs can drastically impact the final cost, so plan every single thing in order to avoid surprises. 

Examine the product inside out

Before ordering the product, you should be confident that it is high quality. Check out other clients’ reviews of the product to confirm that this is the product that you’d like to give to your dear potential customers. Giving out broken or low quality promo items can cause your company’s name to take a hit.

Get the product in large quantities

Typically, the bigger the order, the less you will pay for each item. Buy in large quantities to save more. 

Choose A Neat Design

Please pick a simple design as the more intricate, the more it will cost you. This is true especially if your logo has a lot colors or if your logo is seven lines long. 


And that’s it! Distribute your custom promo products to potential clients that will appreciate them and become interested enough to start buying your products or services.