There’s something beyond having the best products and services, designing a stunning website, or even having the necessary experience and knowledge required by your customers. The thing you need for the growth of your business is good marketing. 

It could be costly to market your products and services. You can use paid advertisements as well as employ professionals. However, there are likewise free means of marketing your business. The implementation of such techniques can be quite effective. They can help to increase your customer base and increase sales.


  1. Try podcasts.

Pitching on a podcast is a great means to be interviewed since you are able to let people know about your business in your own words. The advantage of being a guest on a podcasts is that the people who listen to said podcast tend to subscribe to the guest’s mailing list, start following the guest on social media, and can even fathom the idea of purchasing the guest’s products and services that he/she talked about on the podcast.

Business owners can pitch on several podcasts. However, many of them pitch it wrongly by talking more about themselves and what they do. Boring! People listening to the podcast are there to discover something new, exciting and value-packed.

Let the listeners of the podcast know something educational that you will pass along as a “tip”. Don’t worry about not talking about your product or service enough: you will get the opportunity to talk about it at the end of the session, after you have brought value to the discussion. Think of it this way: you give and then you get.


  1. Use large audiences

You can use an established large audience if your online and offline presence are not huge. This involves the use of your expertise to train a huge audience of another individual/company. Since such arrangement will be beneficial to that other individual/company (as it will bring value to their audience), they will happily let you engage with them.

Another way is sharing valuable content in Facebook groups that have a lot of people. Likewise, you can also reach numerous monthly visitors by the creation of content for large media publications. Another way is joint-webinars. We are giving you a lot of ideas, take note! Leveraging an audience that has been established is very rewarding as there is no cost attached to this practice and you can reach millions of individuals fast.


  1. Create valuable content. 

Many companies do not use impactful and powerful content to their advantage. As long as you put out great content, you can find a million ways to use it for different purposes (i.e. a great article can become a great podcast or a great infographic, and so on). The use of content is to help potential customers know your business, consider you trustworthy, and prefer it over similar products/services. They begin to think about buying it. When content is great, people share it a lot and, thereby, marketing it for you for free!

Skimping is not good for you. Giving out many of your free content will encourage customers to invest in you. It does not cost anything to create share-worthy material, and it will take your business to places after its distribution across social media. 

Your offer should be clear as well as the people your product/service is meant for. Then pitch it a group of people and let them know the reason why they should keep listening to what you have to say.  Market your business, as it is effective.