Sure, modern giveaways bring the cool factor to your advertising efforts. However, sometimes you want to be a little strange and still make an impression. These tchotchkes bring a bit of personality to your branding and earn an immediate positive reaction.


Unique Stress Balls

About 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders in North America. Stress relief toys for work, home, or any other place can help combat those feelings. Even better, cool stress toys in unique shapes, like a Sumo Wrestler or Rainbow Brain Stress Ball, can appeal to specific interests.

Whoopee Cushion

Perhaps no product is more apt for the modern prankster than this classic. As the story goes, a version of this novelty item was popular with court jesters in the Medieval Era. Funny promotional products show your customers that you have a sense of humor and want them to have a good time with your brand. Burrito restaurants and gastrologists can take themselves less seriously with these playful promos.

Giant Pen

This memorable giveaway works perfectly for universities, where students are tuning out lessons at an alarming rate. According to a study from Harvard University, 50% of high schoolers are bored with their education. While giant pencils can’t make them keep their heads off their desks, it does show that you’re willing to bring the fun into the classroom. Keep the momentum from there and students will be engaged in no time! 

Inflatable Pool Toys

Bringing joy into the work environment is proven to boost productivity and breed creativity. The same can be said for having fun with your advertising! Inflatable products are always well-received by customers. After all, they are associated with a good time and usually make an appearance at festivals, pool parties, concerts, and other exciting events!

Sock Monkey

The Sock Monkey was voted by Time Magazine as one of the top 100 all-time greatest toys. Bring yours to the next level by finding one that makes some noise! It is loud enough to get everyone’s attention at a trade show, convention, or any other event. It’s a promotional giveaway that will stay with your customers for a long time, even if they pretend like it belongs to their kids!

Stichy the Lizard

As you know, Stitchy is the face of Stichy Lizard. We wanted to include him in our list because it can help as inspiration to make your own brand’s toy. We hand Stitchy toys to customers and they love it!

Digital Jump Ropes

Jump rope is proven to be a great way to stay in shape. In fact, you can lose more than 480 calories in 30 minutes with this exercise. The Digita; Jump Rope is a great giveaway for sports teams, gyms, or personal trainers. The digital tracker monitors each jump, making it easier for your active clients to reach their fitness goals.

Investigative Kits

This one is probably very random, so this is why we included it. Investigative kits may not be obvious choices, but they’re the perfect way to keep people safe, especially in large group outings. With close to 90,000 people going missing every year, these kits are an easy way to keep track of contact information, fingerprints, photos, DNA, and physical records.