It’s important that you put a lot of effort into your slogan, as it’s part of your brand’s identity. In today’s blog, we at Stitchy Lizard want to help you create a memorable slogan with this quick 6-step guide. Doesn’t it feel exciting knowing that coming up with a slogan that your customers will love and remember your brand for is just 6 tips away?


#1 – Keep it concise

Have you ever heard people say “Less is more”? Well, that is true for slogans: the fewer words you display, the better. This is because you need to evoke a main idea that is clear for your customers to grasp. Forget about using complicated words or multiple ideas in one slogan, this will do your brand a disservice. Customers should be able to read your slogan and say “Aha! I know what this brand is about!”, and not “What do you mean?!”. Of course, sometimes you can use “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in your slogan – as long as it makes sense for your brand and will help you stand out from the crowd.


Example of keeping it concise: Nike’s “Just Do It”. This is a slogan that evokes an inspiring idea that is timeless and isn’t limited to a specific culture or race. Literally everyone can relate with “just doing it”.  


#2 – Slogans can be funny

Who said slogans should always be serious? If that is what your brand is about, you can make your slogan humorous. For instance,’s slogan is “America’s Only Humor and Video Site, Since 1958.” This hilarious slogan perfectly fits with their brand’s identity, as it is a website where funny content is published. Don’t be afraid of taking risks but also, know when to take them: it would be weird to see a funeral home using a humorous tone in their slogan, wouldn’t it?


#3 – Don’t overpromise

Be truthful and honest about what you sell. It would suck if your slogan was “Best Ribs in Canada” when 70% of your customers think that your ribs are not the best thing you have to offer. This being said, try to not use phrases like “the very best of”, “the #1”, “the most amazing”, and so on. Besides them being overused, they will make your brand look unfriendly.


Now, if you do have the absolute best ribs in Canada and your customers agree, then it makes sense for you to use “The best ribs in Canada” as a slogan.  


#4 – Have your target market in mind

If you are trying to target customers in Toronto, your slogan should be able to evoke an idea that Torontonians can relate to. Alternately, if your target market is people from all over the world, you need your slogan to be a bit more general in order to be able to relate to all nationalities. This doesn’t mean that your slogan can’t be powerful if its idea is more general. It just means that you need to remind yourself who you are trying to target and phrase your slogan in a strong way.  


#5 – What sets your brand apart?


What is the special sauce that your brand is bringing to the market? Think about it and use it in your favor. Mentioning what you are doing that no one else is doing yet in your slogan is a great way to set you apart from your hundreds of competitors.


#6 – Make it catchy

A slogan should have some music to it. It’s easier for people to remember a slogan that has a nice tune to it.



And there you have it! Hope these 6 tips helped you create a logo that your customers will remember.