Elevators. We run into them almost everyday to go to work/apartment/rooftop bar. But, have you ever thought about the power of advertising on them? There are many benefits associated with trying out this marketing tactic, which is why you probably should start thinking about incorporating elevator advertisements into your marketing budget if you haven’t already. In today’s article, we will explore 3 things that can’t be easily done with other advertising mediums like newspapers, magazines, television, and billboards: 

  • Targeting Your Audience
  • Unique Designs 
  • Having Your Audience’s Undivided Attention 


If advertising on elevators makes sense for your brand and your message, these are 3 advantages that you could start leveraging if you aren’t already. The cost of advertising on elevators is similar to that of advertising on more limiting mediums. Pricing for this marketing effort is determined by the size, placement (indoors or outdoors), and duration (how long it’s going to be up for) of the ad.


Targeting Your Audience 

With advertising, you need to be specific and target the audience you want to reach. While targeting is very important, it is not all that easy. The fantastic thing about elevator advertisements is that targeting your audience can be simple and easy as you can decide on the precise office building’s elevator where you know your target customer works at. For instance, if your business is offering a financial service, you can post an advertisement on the elevators of the Dynamic Funds building. 


Unique Designs 

Elevators offer a unique space to advertise in. A more usual advertising medium like a newspaper, you would only get a rectangular shaped space to advertise on, but with elevators, you have 3 walls and 2 doors. This allows you to get very creative with the space. If it makes sense for your brand, advertising on the elevator’s doors could be a great idea: wouldn’t it be fun to see a design that opens and closes? I assure you that it will look more appealing and unique than a newspaper ad. 


Undivided Attention 

If you’ve ever been on an elevator with strangers, you know the feeling of wanting to avoid eye contact with them. So, you look up to the ceiling or read whatever announcement there is on the elevator walls. I bet you can now imagine how effective it would be if your advertisement was on the elevator during that awkward moment. The best part is that –unlike a Youtube video– people won’t be able to fast-forward to the moment when they arrive to their floor. That means that you would have people’s undivided attention for at least 20 seconds! And that is enough time for them to read and process your ad. 


Elevators are an unusual but highly creative advertising medium to work with. They ultimately can achieve what newspapers and tv have a hard time doing: microtargeting the audience, creating unique designs, and having the audience’s undivided attention for at least 20 seconds. Conveying your brand’s message is something you can easily achieve with elevator advertisements.