From shirts & hats to stress balls & custom printed socks – promo products play an important role in any business, but you should carefully plan out a strategy that works best and establish your brand using the help of the best promotional products in the market.

Here is a quick look at the Top Promotional Products of 2018:


We tend to forget to stay hydrated with the busy lifestyles we live. A water bottle would be the perfect reminder to drink water! Similarly, we have a never-ending craving for caffeine. A coffee mug or a Thermos would be of great help in this case!

Provide your customers with something that they can use on a daily basis, such as drinkware at your next big event, and we can guarantee you that they will always remember your brand through that product. Why? Because your customers would see your logo every time they refill their drinkware. At Stitchy Lizard, we carry a wide variety of options: from coffee mugs to tumblers to bottles to glassware.

An adult in the United states, on average, consumes hot or cold beverages from a logo-ed drinkware approximately 2 to 3 times per week. Their logo-ed product becomes an integral part of the household, on the breakfast table in the morning or at your desk at work.

Custom Hats

Custom hats would surely put you on top of anyone receiving it. It could be a baseball cap from the local sports team, knit beanies for the winter events, or even a simple plastic visor for a poker game. People tend to love these types of promo products and treasure them for a long period of time.

Unsurprisingly, over 41% of Canadians own a hat showcasing a logo or an advertising slogan. Men and women are both just as attracted to these items as they are attractive, quite versatile to use, and are free most of the time! Of course, the time that people keep these products for will depend on the quality of the material. At Stitchy Lizard, we pride ourself with high quality custom promo products, so you have nothing to worry about.

FACT: Promotional products bring in 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone.

Maximize brand exposure and awareness.Source: SageWorld
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