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Custom Embroidered Jackets


  • Leather
    Order Custom Embroidered Leather Jackets in Toronto & Montreal Canada at StitchyLizard. Get your logo imprinted on them. For pricing details call us: 416 203 7776
  • Melton/Varsity
    We offer custom embroidered Melton Leather Varsity Jackets in Toronto. For more details call: 416 203 7776
  • Winter
    Custom embroidery on Winter Jackets in Toronto. Snowboard jackets, Bomber Jackets, suede, Nappa, padded, nylon jackets
  • Parkas
    Custom printed and embroidered winter parkas /jackets in toronto. Parkas, Winter Jackets, Leather Jackets, Spring Jackets, Track Jackets, Work Jackets, Vests, and Melton Leather Jackets

Stitchy Lizard, a Canadian company, is highly reputable for its custom printed and embroidered jackets. Some of the types of jackets that you could have tailor-made at the company include:

• Parkas

• Winter Jackets

• Leather Jackets

• Spring Jackets

• Track Jackets

• Work Jackets

• Vests

• Melton Leather Jackets

The company’s services are available in Toronto, and you can order your winter jacket today! Winter jackets are used to shield people from rain, snow, cold weather, and wind. At Stitchy Lizard, we also design all-in-one overcoats for the customers who do not want warming layers to be fitted underneath their winter jackets. Our custom winter jackets are comfortable and have a high level of livability. Puffy winter jackets are also available.

Winter Jacket material used and why

The winter jackets in our stores are made from a material that provides the insulation needed while still protecting you from precipitation and wind. The outer shell is usually made of nylon while the inner sections are made of wool. The former material helps make the winter jackets waterproof while the latter increases the insulating nature of this type of wear.

Winter jackets are required to be breathable to aid in the management of perspiration while still keeping the wearer warm. Stitchy Lizard goes further to customize any winter jacket by screen printing or embroidering it in the pattern that you desire.

Winter Jacket Uses

Winter jackets are used for many purposes among them being shielding the body from:

• Wind

• Rain

• Snow

• Cold

Most athletes also wear winter jackets while running or performing their warm-up exercises. This helps them to remain warm while the meshy outer material allows for proper perspiration.

Colour choices for custom winter jackets

Like other custom sportswear, Stitchy Lizard designs winter jackets with various colours thus giving you a wide variety of options to choose from. You can also have the winter jacket embroidered in the colours that best reflect your taste and preference. We also allow our clients to decide what colour they want their custom winter jackets to come in if those already in the stores do not meet their demands.

We always strive to satisfy all our customers. To achieve this feat, we welcome them to play an active role in the production process.


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