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Whether they smoke or love lighting candles, our personalised lighters are a great gift to light up any occasion while promoting your company, cause, or club/team! Treat your customers or employees to high quality engraved zippo lighters for a practical and stylish gift they will adore. The lighter can be engraved with up to three things they love, so you can show how well you know them.

- As a low cost item, these can be ordered in bulk and given out at multiple events
- High use item, the more people use your promotional products, the more familiar they will become with your business
- Many ways to personalise, from choosing the base colour and design, to having your artwork printed on the front
- Using names like BIC will align the trust and respect people feel for BIC, to your business.

A high use item means that your target audience will definitely appreciate this practical giveaway. There is a lot of choice in this category, some lighters come with bottle opening compartments, others have USB attachments and a lot of these lighters are refillable, allowing the user to keep and use the lighter for a long time. The longer someone keeps your promotional lighters, the longer they will be exposed to your logo and remember your business. Cheap lighters are also great as part of personalised gift bags, these could include other useful promotional items such as pens, pencils, lanyards and keyrings. We carry those and many more promotional products, just explore our Promotional Products A - Z.

Are you a Cannabis company looking for suitable promotional gifts for your store? Look no further! Our wide range or lighters are perfect to promote your company while getting a huge return on investment. We also carry a wide range of cannabis products from grinders to rolling trays.

Give your customers or employees the gift of light whatever the occasion! Whether it's their birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Feather's Day, our range of stylish personalised lighters will come in handy!

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