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Canadian company Stitchy Lizard based in Toronto, Ontario offers a wide range of custom printed drinkware products for every -- and we mean it, every -- occasion. When you eat, you probably need to use drinkware for your soda. When you plan an event, drinkaware is probably at the top of your things-to-buy list. Before going to work in the morning, you probably drink coffee... And guess what? Coffee is served in cups, which is one of the many drinkwares we offer!

Drinkware is very much an essential part of our day to day life, and because we know the importance of this multi-functional promotional product, we offer a wide variety. Ceramic mugs, premium ceramic mugs, water bottles, stainless steel water bottles, insulated travel mugs, acrylic mugs, glass mugs, stainless steel mugs, glass steins, glass pilsners, glass tumblers, glass stemware, acrylic tumblers, shot glasses, and water bottles; you name it! The best part of it is that you have full control on how you want to customize and personalize them.

You might already know that one of the obvious benefits of owning drinkware products is being able to drink your favorite drink off of them, but did you know that by owning them you are helping the environment? In the span of one year, hundreds of millions of kilograms in waste end up where they shouldn’t: in the sea. This waste results in city-sized formations made entirely of trash. Waiting for the trash to decompose would take thousands and thousands of years. By using recyclable drinkware, we are helping alleviate this situation.

Reusable drinkware is an easy and convenient way to help the Earth that we live in. In a year, around 17 million oil containers need to be utilized in order to manufacture 50 billion regular water bottles. Swapping these disposable bottles for reusable ones would then lower the amount of oil required to make water bottles. And not only that, it would also lower the amount greenhouse gas in the air. It’s a win-win: you get your favorite drink conveniently stored in a bottle so you can take it anywhere you’d like all while helping the world be a better and less-polluted place.

It is worth noting that plastic bottles reusable drinkware has non-environmental advantages. For one, they are BPA free, which is a plastic that has been linked to cancer. Another advantage is that they cost less than disposable bottles. To give you an idea, you would be saving about $270 yearly by not purchasing disposable water bottles. It makes sense, as there are public places from where you can get water at no cost. Imagine everything you could do with those extra $270: that is the equivalent of 51 half-dozen doughnuts from Tim Hortons. Yum!

Get reusable drinkware, help the environment, and treat yourself with the extra cash you are saving. It’s that easy. Our Selection of custom printed drinkware is great for any party or corporate event. We are conveniently located in Toronto's new trendy Liberty Market building in the Liberty Village neighborhood.

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