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Trucker Hats

Custom Embroidered Trucker Hats

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The trucker hats have a long and interesting history that stretches all the way back to rural working class of America. The market of trucker hats and caps is diverse and a strange one. You can get your own custom embroidered trucker hats made as per your needs and preferences.

You can make your trucker cap really stand out by getting embroidered some interesting design or logo. Whether you want to go for a classic low-key black trucker hat or a louder multi-colored cap with custom embroidery, we’ve got you covered here at Stitchy Lizard.

Who Needs Custom Embroidered Trucker Hats?

Trucker Hats Team – This may be obvious, but the clients who order customized trucker hats from us match their personalized uniforms. We’ve got a ton of hat colors available, so every team can find the right cap for their uniform.

Charities – If you're planning a fundraising event or marathon, personalized trucker hats are a great premium item to sell or give away. We'll embroider your logo onto custom trucker hats or add the slogan of your fundraising event. Ordering online is a great way to buy custom embroidered trucker hats at competitive rates and to spread awareness for your cause in an economical way!

Businesses – We have embroidered caps for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The customized hats can form a great part of your staff uniform! It is recommended to order large quantities of custom embroidered hats for your team uniforms, giving you a lower price and a stockpile of customized caps to give it out to your future employees. If your business has a strong following, you can even sell the caps to customers or give them away as prizes.

Artists – Alongside prints of your work, selling merchandise like custom embroidered hats can be a potent way to make extra money at the events held in your respective city. Customers will love to see your original artwork and they’ll appreciate your work for the years to come.

How Do We Embroider Logos on Trucker Hats?

Embroidery is a process of sewing designs into fabric. We use state of the art machines to embroider hats with detailed designs without leaving any loopholes.

  • Step 1: Get in touch with our staff with your design for embroidery.
  • Step 2: We’ll digitize your design, turning it into code that our machines read.
  • Step 3: We lay your trucker caps in the embroidery machine and thousands of stitches are sewn.

What Kind of Trucker Hats Are Available?

At Stitchy Lizard, we have a myriad of trucker hats available for custom embroidery. Ranging from snapback caps to fitted caps, we can embroider your choice of design on any cap. If you need hats for athletes or for simply wearing on hot days, visit our respective page for trucker hats.

Tips To Save Money On Custom Trucker Hats Online

At Stitchy Lizard, we have been offering custom embroidered baseball hats, trucker hats, apparel, drinkware, headwear and more since 2002. Our experienced staff, top-notch machinery and a great selection of promotional products had made us popular amongst our customers.

When you’re ready to order custom embroidered hats or caps, come to Stitchy Lizard. We’re fast, affordable and our friendly sales reps will make it easy!

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