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Looking for custom printed paper and plastic cups? Stitchy Lizard has you covered. We offer a wide variety of custom cups including: clear plastic cups, double wall paper cups, foam cups, frosted plastic cups, paper cups, paper food containers, plastic stemware, reusable plastic cups, tailgate party cup, and of course, dome lids. With so many options to choose from, it might be overwhelming to choose the one that best fits your special event; but don’t worry, we can help you decide. Below are a few suggestions of which cups you will need at which events.

Movie Night

Let’s say that you are planning on hosting a private movie night at your place for your teen’s birthday, and you want everything to be on theme and on budget. You know what items at the movies look like and where to get them, but instead of using cups that have the cinema’s logo, you want them to read “Lexie’s Movie Night”. At Stitchy Lizard we would suggest that you get custom paper food containers and reusable plastic cups which would double as popcorn containers!


In the case of planning a carnival event, we suggest that you try our custom clear plastic cups with dome lids. We strongly suggest getting these not only because of their appealing shape once you put the dome lid on but also because they are perfect for serving several different drinks that carnivals tend to have: slushies, milkshakes, and drinks with whipped cream on top. The best part of getting them is that you can serve drinks such as soda and beer without the dome lids.

College Party

Since some of our customers are educational institutions, we had to include this type of event. The perfect cup to serve ALL drinks at a college party are custom tailgate party cups. This are a staple and at Stitchy you can choose the colors which closely match your college. It’s worth mentioning that tailgate party cups are perfect for barbecues, tailgates, fairs and festivals. Yes, we took that quote from Toby Keith’s song.

Business Launch Event

Your guests are hard-working business people who like to wine and cheese at events. For your launch party, you want to please them but at the same time, you don’t want to get wine glasses that could easily break. Our custom plastic stemware are the right fit: even if your guests accidentally drop their drink, the cup won’t break into small pieces that can be harmful to clean up. The best part of this cup is that it serves up to 5.75 oz of liquid, which is perfect because a serving of wine is 5 oz.

Our custom cups are a good pick for various events. We have different shapes, sizes and colors for you to choose from. Customize yours today!


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