In the present age of millennials and X generation, trends in promoting business items have taken a greater tilt towards technology and minimalistic styles. Suffice would be to say that most products of daily use can still be utilized as promo products, but a twist in how you use them is the new catch.

2018 is the year of progress in not only technology but also in creativity using the good ole’ promo ideas. Some of them have been showcased below:


Apparel never ever goes out of style nor use. It still remains the most widely utilized promo product. But apparel does not only have to include the company's logo in the present era. After all, it's not only your company that needs recognition but the bearer too. A customized tee or a well designed blouse or scarf will do the trick to suffice the style sense of carrier. Now it depends on you how you design and incorporate your logo into it so that it conveys a subliminal advertisement alongside an aesthetically pleasing design.

AR Promo App

The app is a perfect use of the fast-growing AR and VR technology. Add a logo or image in the promotional product you are delivering and voila! Merely scanning it will take your customer directly to a short video or a 3D view that provides more information about your brand. The idea is to incorporate innovation and curiosity into marketing, and the AR promo app does just that.

The Moleskin Smart Writing Set

This is an adorable innovation that provides a perfect blend of creative aesthetic and technology. A traditional notebook made out of a special dotted paper that has a special magic pen to write with is the latest word of mouth. You can handwrite using these two made for each product, and a special app converts these notes into a digital copy. You can even add colors and other creative flairs through the app in your written notes!

Yoga Mats

The health-conscious generation prefers these fitness tools and accessories now more than ever. A well-printed yoga mat of high quality can provide a huge space for your brand marketing while at the same time being of great use to your consumer.

The ‘Stojo

Traveling has also become one of the favorite niches of the modern generation, and accessories like travel mugs and trendy yet durable drinkware are just one of the many essentials they prefer to carry. The ‘stojo cup is uniquely designed to adjust itself to any amount of little space while at the same time saving from a lot of fuss of heavyweight mug carrying or throwaway cups. It's spill-free, reusable and eco-friendly.

Tote Bags

A well-designed tote bag is a sweetheart every woman would love to carry almost anywhere. If designed well, the tote can prove to be a handy marketing tool in the modern age.

Peak Pen

Everybody loves a free pen - even today! A peak pen though is unique because of its sculpted 3D design which suffices the aesthetic preferences of the modern man.